Sunday, April 10, 2011

spring garden

We're having a glorious spring day here in Maine. I've just come in from working in my garden: cleaning up twigs, trimming bushes, and spreading the snow piles around so they melt faster. I moved the big hibiscus bush. It was buried under Slush Mountain, and too close to a path. I didn't know if the ground was thawed, didn't know if I could dig it up. It was and I could.

Now the hibiscus is in a new spot with lots of room to spread out. I cut some big roots, I hope it will be OK; I gave it lots of reiki. Last summer it was covered with big white flowers: red centers and yellow stamens.

Some teenage boys came by, collecting bottles & cans for their basketball team. Their coach was with them. I  didn't have any bottles or cans, so I gave them some money and wished them well. I was barefoot and wearing muddy jeans when they came by, relaxing in the sun on the deck, reading a book by Patricia Cori.

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