Wednesday, March 31, 2010


He who makes his companions laugh deserves paradise. The Koran.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

-- when I give reiki to family and friends it feels like
such an honor. Well, it always feels like an honor when
I give reiki!
I feel so lucky when I do reiki.
It must be similar to a performer.
They practice their songs, they travel
to the concert site,
they wait for the audience to arrive.
And then they get to play their song.

It feels like that to me.
So much preparation, and then I finally get
to do reiki.

I did reiki with a patient today:
end-stage cancer patient.
Another nurse gave him a back rub, and he liked it.
She told me, and I offered to give him reiki.
He was so thin, and in so much pain.
I went in and asked if
I could give him reiki. He said "Yes" right away.
So I did.
I told him he was safe and loved. He fell right asleep.
I got an image of him being rocked to sleep, and
an image of a white dove.

I came out of his room and his nurse told me
that he hadn't let anyone do anything for him,
hadn't let anyone touch him.
She was surprised he let me do reiki.
I'll go back tomorrow.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Went to a lovely fundraiser last night, here I am with Kathi, another reiki practitioner. The walls were covered with murals, there were tassels on the lights, and everyone was dressed up. There was a ton of delicious food: pineapple, seafood bundles, and warm fig pastries. For dinner I had polenta: cheesy and gooey, baked in a green pepper shell. It was great to hang out with Kathi and her kind husband.

Then today I had a 2 1/2 hour reiki session. Boy, did I need it!

We had lots of visitors: White Owl, Butterfly, my guide, my angel, my grandma and my Dad, angels, cherubs, and seraphim. Lots of stuff bubbled up and effervesced away. They told me to ask for help when I need it; they told me to get up and dance.

Change is good. Taste the sweetness of life. Lighten up!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I had the most interesting conversation with 3 other reiki practitioners this morning: Jeanne, Charlotte, and Pierre.

We talked about the difference between spirituality and religion. We said that spirituality is broader, religion is more focused on a specific set of rules and practices. We said that all religions have the same ethical foundations: don't kill each other, love each other, and pray.

We said that reiki is like prayer. Jeanne said she tells people that distance reiki is prayer. I said that someone once described reiki to me as "Touch Prayer". Charlotte said she could see value in many religions. Pierre agreed, said he'd considered becoming a Catholic priest, but decided it would limit him, and his interest in other expressions of spirituality.

Two people said they'd had dreams where they could touch the stars. Charlotte said she dreamt about the reiki symbols as constellations in the night sky.

Then we went to a Thai Restaurant and I had the Fancy Delight.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So I've made a switch. I've worn amethysts for years. I wore an amethyst ring for many years, then took off all my rings. I wore a big amulet, and gave matching ones to friends. I had amethyst bracelets- mostly gave all those away - -and amethyst earrings. Darn, gave some of those away also. I even have a business: Amethyst Health. I was all about the amethysts, the search for higher knowledge.

Now all of a sudden I have to wear carnelian, the heart stone.

I can't tell you what that's done to my schedule. It takes me longer to get dressed in the morning.

All my clothes match amethysts. All my clothes are black, purple, blue, or gray. Nothing matches carnelians! Carnelians are orange!

OK, orange and blue... but orange and black, purple, and gray? Not so good. Still, I've gotta wear this big carnelian around my neck. It's opening my heart chakra, which is a little scary.

I'm moving down from my brain and spirit into my heart. Life sure is funny. We go down paths we didn't expect.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Went snowshoeing last weekend with my dog, my son, and my son's girlfriend. We hiked up this mountain: glorious 360 degree view of mountains, lake, and forest. The mountain pulled me up effortlessly. It reminded me of Sedona, and the energy of the rocks there. The energy pulled me up and I ran down.

My life is changing in unexpected ways. I have a deeper appreciation for those I love, and less tolerance for incivility. I'm so happy to be reunited with some former students. Hi K! Hi L and S!

Reiki orientation tomorrow night. One of my students said, "I love reiki people. They're so loving and nonjudgmental."