Thursday, February 6, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Have you ever shared Reiki with a couple? Reiki is a spiritual practice and a philosophy of life. Reiki is similar to prayer and meditation. I share distance Reiki using an app called fiverr, as mefk12

I request informed consent, the name of the person, and their general location on planet Earth. Then I share Reiki. It amazes me, and them, how powerful it is. After all these years practicing Reiki, the power and the practice still astound me.

I've been sharing Reiki via the fiverr app for several years. Recently I had a request to share Reiki with a couple. The potential client asked if I would or could do this. I was intrigued, and answered in the affirmative. Is this to be a Valentine's treat?

Friday, January 24, 2020

Dust Pigeons

Looking up, insomnia, notice dust on the edges of the ceiling fan blades. Get up, get a stepladder and some wipes, I clean the fan, fixture, and blades. How is it so dusty? The blades are loaded. Why doesn't the dust fly off when the fan is on? How does the dust get up there? Dust should stay on the floor where I can vacuum it up.

If dust under the bed is dust bunnies, then what is this? Dust pigeons.

Thursday, January 23, 2020


I read a meme the other day, said that empaths need to be near water.

Water. My favorite beverage. One of my favorite views. Ponds, waterfalls, icicles, puddles, rivers, marshes. Light shining through a breaking wave, pale green with a foamy white curling top. The miracle of a hot shower., the delight of a hot bath with lavender and rose petals. Hot chamomile tea. Bobbing and floating in the cold ocean on a hot summer day. Rinsing my hands in cold running water after a hands-on Reiki session to clear the energetic link. Attunements by the pond, attended by a symphony of turtles and frogs. The smell of rain. The sparkling brilliance of snow crystals on a sunny day, snowshoeing on a cliff above the bay. Water.


I've been sending Reiki to a client with back pain*. I send at different times of day. I meditate, usually with my hand over my heart. Sometimes I extend my hand in the direction of the client's home. So I sent the other day, and emailed an update and warm wishes to the client.

The client emailed right back. Said they were working and had to stop because of tingles running up down and all around. Took the opportunity of the work break to check emails and found my message. The tingles occurred right when I sent Reiki.

The client reported no pain for the two days I sent Reiki. yay

*Some details altered/obscured to protect client's privacy

Monday, December 23, 2019


I walked around a cove today. Up on a ridge on a peninsula. A milky quartz cliff, covered with moss and pine needles. Forest and fallen trees. I walked in patches of sun and piney shade on a steep narrow path, some places icy, some places muddy. I looked down and noticed that if I slipped I would fall onto blades of rock and then into the water. I hoped that I wouldn't lose my car key if that happened. It didn't. I kept my footing. I marveled at the chunks of milky white quartz, veins through the rather regular grey rock. I felt the sun on my face, a warm 45 degrees, warm for December in Maine. I smelled salt and seaweed.

I saw small beaches, but it was mostly a cliff of rock down to jagged rocks and rafts of orange seaweed. There was a dark rock in the distance, too small to be an island. Just a long sliver of black rock above the sea. There was something on the rock, somethings, bigger than cormorants and seagulls. Seals? I climbed down closer to the water.

Seals. The rock was covered with seals. Too far for a good look, but I could see them curling up and back down. Lolling on the rock, sunbathing. I saw some plop into the water, and there they arced into the air and splashed back down into the cold water. Like dolphins. The water was a beautiful blue here, green there, almost tropical looking. But not tropical, as there was ice on the rocky cliffs and snow on the moss in the forest. All over the cove were flashes of light, where the sun caught the seals' noses when they bobbed up for air. A flash of light, then gone. Sometimes they jumped into the air first. Sometimes their dark wet backs arched into the water. I watched them for a long time, then climbed back up the steep cliff. Back over the milky quartz path and through the mossy forest. Back to the road and more adventures.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Reiki Light

May your days be merry and bright.
May your days be full of Reiki light.
Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 29, 2019