Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Sharing Reiki

Sometimes when I share Reiki I feel like Glinda. I think, "But my dear, you have the power, you always had the power; you just have to learn it for yourself." 

Friday, April 9, 2021

Winter to Spring

 What were the biggest piles of snow are dirty lumps of ice. Yellow daffodils shine. 

In a doctor's waiting room sisters fought over who would care for their father, frail and forgetful in a wheelchair. Metamorphic rocks have wavy stripes that mimic the waves that wash over them. 

A jaw abscess is painful. I know where there is a field of tiny blue flowers, Siberian squill.

Mallards are back at the pond. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021


 I walk in the morning. Not far. Not fast. Well, sometimes I shuffle quickly, almost a jog. Not often.

Sometimes I walk around a pond. The ice went out last week, or maybe the week before. People skate on the pond in the winter and ducks swim there in the summer. There are cattails, redwing blackbirds, and koi fish. I have not seen turtles. Some years there is an osprey. The ducks are mallards, usually, but last fall there were hooded mergansers. After the ice goes out, after the ground warms up, then the koi bubble up out of the mud, in the shallows, among the cattails. That hasn't happened yet, this year. Soon. 

Sometimes I walk on an outdoor track, round and round. I watch the sky turn colors as the sun rises. I listen to my favorite podcast, physicists and comedians. I see the sunlight hit the treetops. The light covers the earth as the sun seems to rise in the sky. It doesn't move though, does it? ... I just checked and it does, actually. The sun rotates and revolves. Our whole solar system is on the move. Just like me. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Time and Space

 Reiki travels through time and space, somehow, magically. Or maybe it's physics, but if it is physics then we don't understand that science yet. Reiki is like prayer, like a wave. Reiki is the energy of love. 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Don't Go There

 It's hard to get good Mexican food in Maine. I'd heard good things about the place so I stopped for a take-out vegie burrito lunch after walking on a frozen lake. It is arctic-cold in Maine today. The sky is a deep blue and the sun is shining, but it is cold and windy. Hot spicy Mexican food appealed. 

Until it didn't. The burrito came in a foil dish with a clear top. It was a soft pale tortilla wrap sitting in a pond of milky sauce. Not finger food then. I cut into the burrito with the plastic cutlery provided. Enormous chunks of grilled vegies spilled out. Fat slices of onion and pepper and whole mushrooms. The vegies were greasy, grilled, and al dente. The tortilla was soggy, as soft and bland as pasta.

There was a side of rice. The rice was salty and yellow. There were chips and salsa too, which I set aside, as the lunch was carby and fatty enough without adding chips. 

It's hard to get good Mexican food in Maine. I'll keep looking. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Space Between

 I've been looking lately at the space between. Liminal zones. Between night and day, sleep and wakefulness, where a gray cloud meets a white cloud in a pastel pink sky. The space where things meet. Where the water on the pond becomes ice. How fall became winter and 2020 became 2021. Where is that moment, that molecule, that miracle where things change? Can you feel it/see it/hear it? And how about the spaces between people. Physical, emotional, and electrical spaces. Thinking about how the pandemic has changed those spaces between and those moments of meeting. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020 is Year 0

 This is 2020, otherwise known as Year Zero, Year 0, the year of COVID. Last year was 2019, or 1 BC. One year before COVID. Next year will be Year 1, or 1 AC, the first year after COVID emerged. 

I am reminded of year 1 BC, when I went to restaurants with friends and we never wore masks. We mingled at concerts and in stores. We could purchase our favorite toilet paper and the store shelves were always fully stocked. 

Yes, back in 1 BC we had the social problems that stubbornly endure today: systemic income inequality, racism, sexism, and ignorance. This time of crisis, this Year 0, has revealed those social problems to even the sleepiest among us. A crisis is the perfect time to implement improvements. Let's wipe out student debt, tax the wealthy, institute national healthcare and free college education, and generally love each other and live in peace and prosperity evermore.