Monday, November 18, 2019


Thanksgiving is next week and I'm thankful for many things. One. I have a place to go on this, my favorite holiday. Thank you, dear friends, who take me in year after year. Except that one year; I thought I should perhaps be independent and prove to myself and them or someone that I had other places to be, in case anyone got tired of seeing my face on Turkey Day. So I took myself off to Florida and spent the holiday alone, shivering on a cold beach, fearing alligators and robbers, and eating alone in sidewalk cafes. I went to a sad aquarium and a pretty historical village. Once was enough and I'm back with my friends. Their home is big and warm, with baskets hanging from the ceiling and the sun shining in through a window wall of glossy green plants. There are dogs, cats, babies, and adults of all ages. There is live music: harp, bagpipes, and flute. Football is on the big screen, bulbous heads and a silent dance of tight colorful uniforms against an impossible green. All the food is homemade and it is a traditional Thanksgiving menu. There are more pies than people. And the people are dear friends with interesting things to say and smiles for me.

Two. Grandsons.

Three. Nature. I like quick easy hikes with great views. I like to walk on the beach even when it's cold and verdigris waves spit ice crystals. I like my own backyard, full of mysterious creatures and tiny ecosystems.

Three seems like a lot of things for which to be thankful.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Love will win

The Arctic is burning. We are frying our beautiful planet. Corporate greed + ineffectual leadership = suffering and destruction. We live in dark times, transitional times, but I have hope that love and connection will win.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Reiki class

Today was Reiki class all day. I got to spend the day with some beautiful souls. We spent the whole morning at the pond because it was such a glorious day. Sunny, breezy, lovely. When we did attunements pond-side, the turtles and frogs came to say hello.
It got hotter in the afternoon and we went inside for a potluck and discussions of history, reputable resources, and fun with group Reiki and hospital beds.

Sunday, July 7, 2019


2019 is testing democracy, climate change is more intense, and there is much hate and fear. These are dark times. I try to stay in the light and I have hope for our future. Be Reiki ~

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Reiki class

My Reiki class at the university starts next week. The students read current research, learn the principles and basic hand positions, and we do service learning at an oncology infusion center. We do attunements beside a pond, with turtles, frogs, water lilies, and singing birds.

Friday, July 5, 2019

FOLLOW, by Roland Flint

I spent the 4th of July with my cousin Pam and her daughter Amelia on an island in Maine. We honored her dad, his poem, and lobster-catchers of Cliff Island.
by Roland Flint
Now here is this man mending his nets
after a long day, his fingers
nicked, here and there, by ropes and hooks,
pain like tomorrow in the small of his back,
his feet blue with his name, stinking of baits,
his mind on a pint and supper — nothing else —
a man who describes the settled shape
of his life every time his hands
make and snug a perfect knot.
I want to understand, if only for the story,
how a man like this,
a man like my father in harvest,
like Bunk MacVane in the stench of lobstering,
or a teamster, a steelworker,
how an ordinary working stiff,
even a high tempered one,
could just be called away.
It’s only in one account
he first brings in a netful —
in all the others, he just calls,
they return the look or stare and then
they “straightaway” leave their nets to follow.
That’s all there is. You have to figure
what was in that call, that look.
(And I wouldn’t try it on a tired working man
unless I was God’s son —
he’d kick your ass right off the pier.)
If they had been vagrants,
poets or minstrels, I’d understand that,
men who would follow a different dog.
But how does a man whose movement,
day after day after day,
absolutely trusts the shape it fills
put everything down and walk away?
I’d pass up all the fancy stunting
with Lazarus and the lepers
to see that one.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Maine summer

Is it hot where you are? Climate change, global warming, ice caps melting, 110 degrees in Europe.

Here in Maine we had summer. Two days in a row. I took the flannel sheets off my bed and stuck the air conditioner in the window. Didn't use it though, wanted to save on electricity; used a fan instead.

Today it was cold and rainy again. I put all the winter blankets back on my bed and still felt chilled. Missed those flannel sheets.

Out in the garden the tomatoes aren't too happy, but the greens are fine. The raspberries are flowering and making hard little green berries. Something ate half the green bean plants, but the survivors are doing fine. The basil was too delicate, nothing there. Peonies are bursting with fragrant petals and buttercups abound. Peace in the garden.

We are supposed to have more summer days this week. Sunny and 70. Maybe 80.