Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Space Between

 I've been looking lately at the space between. Liminal zones. Between night and day, sleep and wakefulness, where a gray cloud meets a white cloud in a pastel pink sky. The space where things meet. Where the water on the pond becomes ice. How fall became winter and 2020 became 2021. Where is that moment, that molecule, that miracle where things change? Can you feel it/see it/hear it? And how about the spaces between people. Physical, emotional, and electrical spaces. Thinking about how the pandemic has changed those spaces between and those moments of meeting. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020 is Year 0

 This is 2020, otherwise known as Year Zero, Year 0, the year of COVID. Last year was 2019, or 1 BC. One year before COVID. Next year will be Year 1, or 1 AC, the first year after COVID emerged. 

I am reminded of year 1 BC, when I went to restaurants with friends and we never wore masks. We mingled at concerts and in stores. We could purchase our favorite toilet paper and the store shelves were always fully stocked. 

Yes, back in 1 BC we had the social problems that stubbornly endure today: systemic income inequality, racism, sexism, and ignorance. This time of crisis, this Year 0, has revealed those social problems to even the sleepiest among us. A crisis is the perfect time to implement improvements. Let's wipe out student debt, tax the wealthy, institute national healthcare and free college education, and generally love each other and live in peace and prosperity evermore. 

Sunday, December 20, 2020


 I get that government needs to continue, but direct-care workers should get the vaccine before members of Congress.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Click books....

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Empty Nest

Letting go of loved ones can be a challenge. Babies grow up, find their own way, and move on. Relationships change. Life seems to be a series of letting go. 

Life is finding new trails and climbing new mountains. You may walk with a companion for a short way or a long while. In the end, we all walk alone. So what sustains you? What motivates you to keep walking?


 Now that we all wear masks, we must smile with our eyes. Smile with our posture. Smile with the energy we emanate. Smile ~

Home is where the heart is....

 Home is in my heart. I carry my home with me wherever I go. Home is memories of the past, present connections, and hope for the future.