Friday, October 30, 2015

candle weather

It's candle weather. Dark when I go to work, dark most days when I get home. I light candles. I burn sage.

Outside the leaves and apples are coming down. The crabapple tree in the backyard was loaded this year. Hundreds of tiny bright red apples. The birds love them, but don't eat them all. They fall and squish under my feet releasing that apple smell. The leaves seemed brighter this year: flames of yellow, orange, and red. They're dropping, gathering into piles, drifting like snow. They also release that fall smell: that earthy aroma that goes right to the back of my nose. I swallow it, keeping the warmth of fall inside.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dempsey Challenge

Sunny & cool. Lots of hugs & love.

Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, cancer warriors, athletes from all over the country, kids, tutus, nursing students, and celebrities. Lots of smiles, some tears.

Athletes walked, ran, and biked. They came to our tent for massage and Reiki. One person said, after her Reiki session, that the pain in her neck was gone. She'd had it for two months. Kids got up on the table and had Reiki and massage.

Cancer warriors came to the tent also. The survivor walk went right past; we cheered for them.

It was a warm and wonderful day. Lots of Reiki. 

Friday, October 16, 2015


Being Reiki in a big tent all weekend. Forecast: snow.

Just got back from the venue, a park on the river. It's a glorious warm sunny afternoon. Bit breezy, but the tent guys were securing the walls of the tent as I left. The sun shone on the canals and on the bricks of the empty fabric mills.

Athletes were picking up their packets, volunteers were cheering and ringing cowbells, workers were laying electric cables, and attaching propane tanks to heaters. Food trucks were rolling in.

I organized the Reiki/massage tables and our supplies: face shields, paper towels, and hand gel. I figured out the layout for this year, located the nearest porta-potties, and admired the new stone amphitheater. The river reflected the warm fall sun. I took off my coat and walked over to the medical tent. No one there.

I'll be there early tomorrow, sunrise. I'll have hot coffee and watch the runners assemble. I'll be ready.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Be Reiki

Reiki tent

Coming soon to a big tent near here: Reiki, massage, yoga, athletes, and cancer warriors.

Expecting thousands of people from all over the country. All together to support people with cancer. Here to raise money so we can provide free services. All one; all here to celebrate hope, love, and connection.

how hot was it?

Ate a pepper so hot I thought my mouth might fall out. Thought I couldn't stand it and wasn't sure what would happen. Explosion? Implosion?

It came from my garden. There might be a frost tonight. I picked and roasted all the good stuff I could find: eggplants, hot peppers, and carrots. Left the beets. Picked the last bits of precious fresh basil.

That hot pepper. Wow. Tiny, roasted, potent.

Friday, October 2, 2015

floating through space

I did a past-life regression meditation. Remembered a past life where I was floating through space; I was a bacteria on a rock. It was a slow life. Long and slow.