Friday, March 27, 2020

Wisdom from a Friend

If you really want to stomp your feet, then you should wear cowboy boots.

This was my friend's response to my story of a disgruntled coworker. So whether a temper tantrum or line dancing, wear cowboy boots. Or cowgirl boots.

Nurses Ask...

  • Nurses' #1 request of public: Stay Home. 
  • Nurses' #1 request of government: PPE. 
  • Nurses' #1 fear: passing COVID-19 to their families. 
  • Nurses' #1 objective: To interact with you intermittently to help you achieve your optimal health. 

Please stay home if you can, wash your hands, and write to your legislators; thank you. 

Pandemic 2020: COVID-19 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

COVID-19 Daily Routine

I am grateful to have a job, grateful to be able to work from home. I have so much respect and compassion for my former students, who are immersed in caring for people who are ill in the midst of this pandemic. I am isolating, distancing, and trying to stay as healthy as possible.

I know of one person who likely has COVID-19; a nurse, ill with a flu-like illness, with a sudden loss of her sense of smell. She was not tested, as test kits are rationed and she is not in a "high-risk" group. She is a nurse, so I trust her self-diagnosis.

I hear from former students, bedside nurses, that they are angry and frightened. Their primary fear is bringing the virus home to their families. Their primary anger is at people who continue to gather, to recklessly engage in social contact. So far, they tell me, their supplies of personal protective equipment are adequate.

My new daily routine centers around work and walks. My old pattern was to go to my office and work seven days a week. I did this for the past two years: every day. I worked at my regular job and I worked on classes. In the past two years I helped to develop an RN-BSN program, earned a certificate in online teaching, and completed 10 courses towards an advanced degree. Now I am locked out of my office. I work from home. I walk in nature preserves and state parks. I shop at farmer's markets, and haven't been to the grocery store for two weeks. I work, walk, and work. I'm not saying that I'm bored, but I swept my garage. I cleaned my shower stall with a toothbrush; not the whole thing, the small cracks and corners. It snowed this week, a big dump of six inches or so. Spring sun melted most of it. I found a crocus yesterday, the first one. Seasons change.

Saturday, March 21, 2020


As a bedside nurse I lived through the onset and evolution of AIDS. Scary times, lots of memories of those clients. As a bedside nurse, I developed germaphobe habits. I am fine with the social isolation, as a divorced introverted survivor I have lived with that for 15 years. I do find the numbers alarming - the coming deaths. The actual and expected incidence, prevalence, and mortality.

Also alarming, the job and financial losses. I have compassion for those who will suffer. For the ill and their families. Their fear.

I have tons of compassion for my former students who are now living with fear. Fear of transmitting the disease to their families. Fear of contracting the disease. Fear of going to work. Fear of working without proper protection (PPE). I am angry that the federal government is so completely bungling the crisis. Angry at the lack of supplies: PPE, ICU beds, and ventilators. Impatient with the stupid hoarding, denial, and racism.

I remember Dr. Anthony Fauci from the AIDS crisis. He did a wonderful job then and has re-emerged as a leader in the COVID-19 pandemic. Maine CDC and Maine Gov doing a fantastic job managing the crisis. For best info, see WHO, CDC, and NIH.

Best wishes for your optimal health. Connect with spirit. Love your neighbors - from  feet away. Wash your hands. Be well ~ Reiki Nurse


I hope you feel the gentle energy of Reiki. I hope you feel a sense of peace, of renewal. I hope you feel centered in yourself and connected to your spirit.

May I make a suggestion? Several times a day, stop and connect with your inner self. Check in with yourself. Notice your breath. Breath connects you with your environment. 

Be still and breathe. 

Be well ~ Reiki Nurse

Friday, March 13, 2020

Love in the time of pandemic

Be nice to the workers in the grocery store, they interact with panicked people.
Help a student, they were stressed anyway, now more so.
Cook a meal for a parent, they work and are caring for kids too.
Go for a walk with a nurse and listen. They need to vent.
Encourage sick people to get tested for COVID-19.
Wash your hands, eat vegetables, drink water.
Just for today, do not worry.
Just love.

Love a nurse

Support a nurse today. Send a message. Make a healthy meal, help with housework, babysit. Drop off chocolates, wine, pizza. Take a walk together and listen. Nurses are at bedsides, caring for you; your family, friends, and neighbors. Nurses are worried about becoming ill themselves and about bringing the virus home to loved ones. Nurses are brave. Love a nurse.

Social distancing

Pandemic. Isolation, working from home, quarantining, and social distancing. Introvert's paradise!

Campus is closed. I am working from home. I teach online anyway, but usually from my office on campus. So I grade papers, email students, read, work on the class I'm taking (finance and budgets), and do healthy life-balancing activities.

So man lives turned upside down.

Wishing strength and wellness for people all over the world.


I went to the grocery store after work yesterday to pick up some pickles. People were streaming out of the store, loaded with stuff. One guy carried an armload of toilet paper, at least three dozen rolls. Carts were overflowing, and everyone had toilet paper and bottled water. Inside it was like the day before a blizzard, times ten. People were frantic; there was a sense of panic. I peeked into carts to see what essential items were being stockpiled. Soda, candy, beer, and TP. Everyone was buying TP.

The checkout lines were long. So glad we have cell phones to entertain ourselves while in line. So glad to get out of there and hope I don't have to go back any time soon.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Have you ever shared Reiki with a couple? Reiki is a spiritual practice and a philosophy of life. Reiki is similar to prayer and meditation. I share distance Reiki using an app called fiverr, as mefk12

I request informed consent, the name of the person, and their general location on planet Earth. Then I share Reiki. It amazes me, and them, how powerful it is. After all these years practicing Reiki, the power and the practice still astound me.

I've been sharing Reiki via the fiverr app for several years. Recently I had a request to share Reiki with a couple. The potential client asked if I would or could do this. I was intrigued, and answered in the affirmative. Is this to be a Valentine's treat?

Friday, January 24, 2020

Dust Pigeons

Looking up, insomnia, notice dust on the edges of the ceiling fan blades. Get up, get a stepladder and some wipes, I clean the fan, fixture, and blades. How is it so dusty? The blades are loaded. Why doesn't the dust fly off when the fan is on? How does the dust get up there? Dust should stay on the floor where I can vacuum it up.

If dust under the bed is dust bunnies, then what is this? Dust pigeons.

Thursday, January 23, 2020


I read a meme the other day, said that empaths need to be near water.

Water. My favorite beverage. One of my favorite views. Ponds, waterfalls, icicles, puddles, rivers, marshes. Light shining through a breaking wave, pale green with a foamy white curling top. The miracle of a hot shower., the delight of a hot bath with lavender and rose petals. Hot chamomile tea. Bobbing and floating in the cold ocean on a hot summer day. Rinsing my hands in cold running water after a hands-on Reiki session to clear the energetic link. Attunements by the pond, attended by a symphony of turtles and frogs. The smell of rain. The sparkling brilliance of snow crystals on a sunny day, snowshoeing on a cliff above the bay. Water.


I've been sending Reiki to a client with back pain*. I send at different times of day. I meditate, usually with my hand over my heart. Sometimes I extend my hand in the direction of the client's home. So I sent the other day, and emailed an update and warm wishes to the client.

The client emailed right back. Said they were working and had to stop because of tingles running up down and all around. Took the opportunity of the work break to check emails and found my message. The tingles occurred right when I sent Reiki.

The client reported no pain for the two days I sent Reiki. yay

*Some details altered/obscured to protect client's privacy