Sunday, December 6, 2009

Planning a couple of fun things.

First: a book reading in Raymond, Maine, at the Good Day Market. I hear the food is good there. I don't know why I'm doing a book reading in a grocery store. Or maybe it's a restaurant? They must sell books there too.

Raymond is on the shore of Sebago Lake. The book reading is set for January 16, at noon. That's a Saturday. I expect some students from St Joseph's college. Maybe some of my camp friends will come too.

The other fun thing is a Yoga & Reiki weekend. I'm trying to arrange it for August 20-22, 2010. Indian yogi Arvind Zanje will teach yoga, and I'll teach reiki. I'm looking for a place.

August seems a long way off, this cold December day. We had some snow last night. Today was bright and cold, all blue sky and white snow.