Friday, October 23, 2009

Cytokine Storm

Now over 1,000 deaths from H1N1 in the US.

My great-grandmother died in the 1918 influenza pandemic. She was a pioneer in North Dakota, and left eight young children behind when she died.

What about homeopathy? According to Minnesota homeopaths at, practitioners of Western biomedicine reported 30% mortality in the 1918 flu pandemic. The mortality rate for patients of homeopaths in 1918: 1%.

Most flu viruses we encounter are human. The H1N1 virus is composed of human, swine, and avian bits. It's so different that our bodies overreact. Our immune systems unleash a cyclone of protective substances: it's a cytokine storm.

Minnesota homeopaths recommend remedies. Look for these homeopathic flu remedies at your local health food store: Gelsumium, Byronia, Carbo, Rhus tox, Pulsatilla, Arnica, and Aconite. Place a few of the sugary pellets under your tongue several times a day if you start to feel ill.

Sure, wash your hands, sneeze into your elbows, and seek medical care appropriately. But also, please consider homeopathy.

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Meredith's book is simply AMAZING. Once you pick it up you can't put it down. It is full of great information and life experiences. Her sense of humor is refreshing. If you have ever worked in the medical field, you will be able to relate to many of her stories. Even if you haven't worked in the medical field, you will enjoy her life experiences. Meredith, you have had an amazing journey. Thank you for taking us along. I can't wait for your next book. Judy Ridley.

Just finished your book...It's 0100!! was waiting in the mail today when I got home from camping.... it is SOOOO you! I smiled, I was sad, I laughed, I related, I remembered, I wondered.....and I kept reading to the end. You have had an amazing journey! glad you're my friend! Nancy Stefani

I just finished your book, couldn't put it down all day. I took a nap halfway through because I was scheduled to work tonight, and dreamed I was doing reiki. I hope I can learn reiki. Brenda Hill.

The book is awesome. Mark LaFlamme.

Well it's been a typical Friday. I washed a fleece and laid it out to dry in the sun, did yoga at the gym, had coffee at my assisted living facility, went to the Farmer's Market, had more coffee at Nina's gourmet food store, bought coffee and wine, looked at glasses at the optician's, bought chocolates at the chocolate shop, got a tofu burrito at Big Mouth Burrito, came home and mowed the leaves, painted my glasses with nail polish to look like new, and made cranberry sauce with cranberries from the Farmer's Market. Fun morning!