Saturday, March 30, 2019

Universal healthcare, universal basic income

Where is the money for healthcare for all? Insurance companies, legal fees, and outrageous profits. Remove health insurance plans from insurance companies. Enormous pool of money there. Then proceed to the legal system. No need for expensive healthcare lawsuits if everyone is covered. No need to sue. Then regulate pharmaceutical and durable medical equipment profits, et voila. Enough money for universal healthcare. 

Probably enough for universal basic income too. 

clean laundry

What is it about laundry? I love to wash it. I even like to wipe down the washing machine and dryer so they look brand new. I like to run bleach or vinegar or essential oils through the machine so it smells fresh. I feel so lucky to have washer & dryer in my house, so I don't have to go to a laundromat or beat my clothes against rocks in a cold stream. I love the settings on the machine, hot or cold? fast or slow? rugged or gentle?

Drying too is fine. I shake out the wet work clothes and hang them on a line. They dry smooth, no ironing. I toss play clothes in the dryer, in there with the wool dryer balls that I made. Sometimes I put essential oils on the dryer balls. I don't use those chemical dryer sheets, yuck. I like to pull the clean and dry clothes out and fold them.

Then the fun stops. The clean, dry, folded clothes sit in a laundry basket for days. There is a special spot in the kitchen where they sit for several days before making it to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom they sit again, waiting to go into dresser and closet. Sometimes I just get dressed from the laundry basket. Usually I dump the clothes on to my bed, so I have to put them away before I can go to bed.

It's spring, and soon I'll be able to dry my clothes and sheets outside. I love that outside smell. It has been all white and bare branches for five months. Soon it will be green again. Well, we usually get a blizzard or two in April, but soon. Soon there will be crocuses, daffodils, and warm breezes to dry clothes.