Thursday, August 4, 2011

summer in Maine

swimming in spring-fed ponds with loons and seagulls,
agricultural fairs,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

all apologies...

Sorry no posts in so long. I've been working loooong days as a camp nurse.

I'm off today, home for a few hours.

My garden is amazing. Pumpkin vines are throwing themselves across the lawn. Climbing up the pine tree and hurling themselves across the compost pile. Green ping pong-sized pumpkins are speckled and striped with dark green.

Morning glories twine up the lattice walls of the summer house and ascend the back fence. There are juicy raspberries and the last peas. There are green beans, and purple beans that turn yellow when I cook them. Purple cabbages are slowly forming. The potatoes are ready: red ones, 20 or so to a plant!

There are yellow birds on the rudbekia. The first hibiscus blossoms are out and soon the bush will be
covered with the white blooms. The first sunflower is out too; the plants are 6 feet tall along the front of the house. The Sweet Annie, cilantro, and basil burst with fragrance.

After 6 months of winter: deep snow, icicles, and bitter winds-- a Maine garden seems a miracle: a rainbow of color, texture, and smells.