Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reiki Nurse

Ok, why should you buy this book? Well, its a great read. People say that. It helps to put a smart serious young man through college. Ok, he's my son. But he's awesome and he really needs the financial assistance. He's studying mechanical and environmental engineering and maybe he'll save the world.

Plus there's another awesome young man out there to whom I occ. donate money. He's caring and compassionate and sometimes needs help with the rent. Yeah yeah yeah, my other son.

Anyway, this book is about nursing and reiki. It's funny and sad and easy to read.

Ready? Here's the link:   http://www.booklocker.com/books/4218.html

thank you so much
peace out

Monday, September 27, 2010


Pic of dog, and accidentally, pic of gosling in Rochester NY. 

Loon v Chickadee

Yeah, sunny and 80. That's where I want to be. Like it was on Saturday. Not 50 and drizzly like it is right now and is supposed to be all week. I mean, drizzle is good, can be good. Good for the complexion, frizzy hair, and preventing melanoma. Good for coffee shops, writing blogs, and tidying the house. But.

So this is Range Ponds State Park. Beautiful. Smells like pine. Sounds like loons. Great place to read in the sun and swim with our state bird.Wait a minute. Our state bird is the chickadee? Well, I like chickadees, nothing against chickadees, but come on! Loons! Wild loony loons! They dive, they congregate, they migrate. They're big and spotty; they have red eyes and amusing chicks. The chickadee... is cute at the bird feeder?

Still looking for a place where the dog can run wild. Range Pond is def a leash place. There must be some accessible wild safe wilderness around LA Maine, just haven't found it yet.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well there. D and I walked around the lake with our dogs, Gabe & Fluff. It was raining. We walked around the lake 4 times, or maybe 5, I lost track. They call it a lake, but I call it a puddle. There are ducks, impressive architecture, and beautiful landscaping. Gabe levitated, tore around the path like a torpedo, and launched himself into the lake. He found a landlocked flock of ducks and scattered them, just like the 3 year-old boy I saw yesterday at Range Pond, chasing seagulls, screaming into the wind.


Here's a pic of Gabe, the punk poodle. He's on his way to visit right now. With D, the fab psychic, of course. Gabe can levitate. When we go for walks in the big field he jumps sideways and straight up. He is endlessly curious and energetic. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

a walk in the woods

Global warming? We had a summer day here at the end of September in Maine. 80 degrees. Went back to Range Ponds, took the dog and went for a walk in the woods. We saw a fierce turtle, a big yellow mushroom, and 2 loons. People were laughing, swimming, and running on the beach. After our walk I sat on the beach and read Redmond O'Hanlon's Congo Journey.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Am apparently unsuitable for home ownership. Bought a cordless drill, cheap! Oh, need bits. Bought bits, cheap! Now trying to install screws for basement clothesline. How to get bit into drill? A problem. Suggestions appreciated. tu

Saturday, September 18, 2010

one very expensive space heater

It's turning into fall. My toes were chilly when I got out of the shower yesterday, so I bought a cheapo space heater from Wally World.

Got up early this morning to go to a wound conference in Brunswick. Stepped out of shower into delicious warmth. The light was on, the exhaust fan going, the heater... my toes were warm... then I plugged in the blow drier for my hair.

The house went dark and silent. Well, half the house, as it turned out.

I have no clue. I think I should go look at the metal box in the basement, the one about electricity. I do. I look. It looks fine to me. I'm half dressed, swearing, trying to figure out what to do, who to call.

I go online for clues. I type in "blown fuse". I read. Oh, I don't have fuses, I have circuits. I feel proud to have gotten this far. I read about blown circuits. It says to try flipping the Main. I run down and flip the Main. I hear the computer shut down. More half-dressed swearing. Still no power.

I text my son. He's an engineer. I don't want to call, it's 7 on a Saturday morning. I text: "blew circuit what 2 do?" He texts back right away. He's awake! "flip switches if doesn't work call electrician"

I run back down and study the metal box and the labels on the door. None say, "Bathroom." I flick switches. I run upstairs and try the bathroom lights. Nothing.

It wouldn't be so bad, except for the refrigerator. Half the house has lost power, including the refrigerator, which I've just stocked with vegies, eggs, and frozen pizza. I stress. I need to be on the road for my conference. I don't know what to do.

I grab my file of house stuff and find the electrician's phone number, call, and leave a message.

Suddenly I get an idea. I run back down cellar, grab my 100 foot extension cord, run back up, and start yanking the refrigerator from it's black tile recess. I plug into a working outlet and feel tremendous relief when I plug in the frig and hear it hum. I head to my conference.

At lunch time I tell my circuit woes to some other nurses. "Just flip all the switches," they tell me. "Oh, I just flicked some of them." I call the electrician to cancel his expensive weekend house call. Too late.

"You're all set," he tells me. "I flipped the switch and it's all good. I waited around for awhile to make sure."

"Oh," I groaned, "it's expensive, right?" I ask.

"Oh, I'll be easy on you," he chuckled.

The conference was great. I learned a lot and saw a lot of old friends.

Electricity? It was going to cost me, but I had power, and I'd learned something there too.

I drove straight home after the conference. Farm stands tempted me with pumpkins and mums, but I had to get home to let the dog out. Ten hours is about her limit and it would be ten.

Couldn't get the door open. The electrician had locked the knob, and I use the deadbolt. I was locked out. The dog was barking inside. I kept trying the key; it wouldn't work. I tried to break the knob: couldn't. I walked around the house and tried to figure out how to break in. Couldn't. Dog barking constantly now.

I walked down to my neighbor's house, the cop. "Hello! Nice to meet you. Could you please break into my house for me?"

He could and did; your friendly neighborhood cop is good that way. He took a hammer and a big screwdriver and dug the knob out of the door. How do I thank him? Clueless again. Any thoughts?

So now I have a hole where the doorknob used to be, owe the neighbor big time, and am expecting a hefty bill from the electrician. I think it's time for a glass of wine, don't you?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Went to a reiki share tonight. We paired up and did chair reiki. I gave and rec'd. When I rec'd the reiki energy it felt like a warm cap, like waves of love, like sleep. When I gave I saw Hawayo Takata, I felt heat, I felt energy move through me; I felt gratitude.

We talked about what reiki means to us and how we use it. We talked about reiki ethics and principles. We talked about upcoming opportunities to do reiki.

What is it again? Is it an external source of available energy? Or is it energy I access from my higher self? Is it a switch that enables the recipient to tune into their own healing source?

I just don't know. I don't know how it works, but I do know that it does work. It is something. It's something amazing, actually.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

contract with self

New contract with self: walk w dog every evening. I'm active, we interact: win-win. And in a nod to my mild agoraphobia and love of privacy we walk at dusk. Thank you, Madeline.

One neighbor has a pear tree. Ripe yellow pears droop from branches and loll wastefully on the lawn. Another has a bright motion-detecting light: yes! Here we are! Lawns and gardens are tidy and symmetrical. Note to self: clean & organize lawn & garden. Another neighbor has bright lights and open windows through which I can see and hear laughing children: happy family house. Most houses are quiet, with the blue light of the TV flicking through the curtains.

We are an oasis of serenity bordered by speed and strip malls.

Monday, September 13, 2010

falling into fall

Is it really over? Summer? Every year I hope it's a big mistake, and we get another month, or 6, of summer.

Then I remember living in Hawaii, and how I missed the seasons.

Hello Fall.

Hello galleries of leaves like flame: cathedrals of yellow and orange. Goodbye bugs, flowers, lobster rolls, and tourists.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Aren't we all going thru major life transitions? Isn't that why we're here on Earth at this time?

Julia tells me people are lined up to get onto Earth at this time. I see Julia almost every week for a psychic update. She recommended a book: The Great Shift. I'm reading & enjoying it.

But first I had to read & enjoy Redmond O'Hanlon's book Travels to the Heart of Borneo. That was SO good. Will pass it on. Would not like to encounter Bornean leeches. But the author attended some really great parties. Please read. Thank you, Kris, for this recommendation.

So, transitions. Vacation to work (am so thankful, in this economy, that I have a job). Summer to fall. Hot to cool. Flowers to.... sooner than we wish... snow.

I'm just trying to stay healthy and hopeful. I'm trying to honor the contracts I make with myself: stay active, eat right, & be kind.

Wishing you all the best in achieving your goals.

Monday, September 6, 2010

the beach

Labor Day, 2010. My choices: home improvement, prep for school, or the beach.

Facebook poll was unanimous: the beach. So off I went to my favorite local beach: 20 minutes door to door. You never know. Sometimes it's relatively deserted, sprinkled with aging adults reading books. Sometimes it's loaded with exceptionally fit kayakers. Sometimes is plagued with screaming kids and their shrieking parents. Yeah, today: screaming & shrieking. Also a pungent smell of manure, too many clouds, and a cold wind. Well, on the bright side, there weren't many people there.

I sat and finished my book, Travels in a Thin Country, by Sara Wheeler. I soaked up Vit D. I moved away from the worst of the shrieking. I watched sea gulls and rippled waves. I looked at the clouds. Funny, Sara Wheeler ended her travels thru Chile on Labor Day. Happy Labor Day 2010, everyone.