Monday, September 27, 2010

Loon v Chickadee

Yeah, sunny and 80. That's where I want to be. Like it was on Saturday. Not 50 and drizzly like it is right now and is supposed to be all week. I mean, drizzle is good, can be good. Good for the complexion, frizzy hair, and preventing melanoma. Good for coffee shops, writing blogs, and tidying the house. But.

So this is Range Ponds State Park. Beautiful. Smells like pine. Sounds like loons. Great place to read in the sun and swim with our state bird.Wait a minute. Our state bird is the chickadee? Well, I like chickadees, nothing against chickadees, but come on! Loons! Wild loony loons! They dive, they congregate, they migrate. They're big and spotty; they have red eyes and amusing chicks. The chickadee... is cute at the bird feeder?

Still looking for a place where the dog can run wild. Range Pond is def a leash place. There must be some accessible wild safe wilderness around LA Maine, just haven't found it yet.