Saturday, March 30, 2013

Roy G. Biv

Chakras are a rainbow of colour, a symphony of sound, a Holi festival.

Burning through:

stuff I don't need.

Changing patterns, concepts of who I am, and ways of being.

Transmuting past into present, and who knows -  perhaps a future.

War & Peace

War is so yesterday. Peace so today.


Not quite upside down, life is sideways.

Bedroom ceiling is falling down; carpenter came. Pretty sure he'll be back.
Bed got a hole, slowly deflated. Dashed out to get a new one; it smells like plastic.
Can't stand the smell.
Have vacated bedroom. I open the window occasionally - to release the plastic gas.
There's a word I can't spell: occasionally. Thank goodness for spellcheck.
Evidently can't spell spellcheck either.

Been sleeping on futon in living room. Well there's an uncomfortable cot.
Hard, uneven, and lumpy.

Cleared bedroom of all detritus in preparation for team of carpenters.
Therefore items in odd places: statue in kitchen, baskets of trinkets in office, and work laundry in BR closet. Very un-Feng-Shui.

Am adapting to living sideways. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

beeping of a fake ATM

Student put his bank card in the fake ATM on the Rehab Unit and the fake ATM started to beep. And wouldn't stop.

Who knew a fake ATM would beep?

Student had to go report to maintenance crew, and request assistance.

Student said, "I guess I'll be one of your stories now."

Kirtan, March 2013

The drum rhythms went down into the foundation of the house, came up through the floor, and entered through my bones. The guitar wrapped around my head and then down around my body like crazy vines. The voices knocked through my sternum and went straight into my heart.

I sat in the back, in the dark, and did asanas. It made sense to do yoga poses, shifting with beat and breath. It got me moving too, so I did more than bob my head. I swayed a little. Once I even raised my arms up over my head and waved them around, welcoming and releasing energy.

Some people danced; some sat perfectly still. Children shook rattles and threw themselves into couches and parents. Drum rhythms circulated around the house and reverberated into the night air, shook the neighborhood, and radiated out to the stars.

hot flashes as kundalini fire

"... the hot flashes of menopause are so much more than what most doctors believe or know. I suddenly knew that they were a very potent way that middle-aged women were able to transmute enormous amounts of previously accumulated lower emotional energies within themselves. Hot flashes are kundalini fire that helps repeatedly burn away and transmute a lot of the earlier residual girlfriend, lover, wife, and mommy energies that need to be transmuted at that stage so the woman can continue growing and evolving beyond her earlier identities, abilities, and consciousness."

Denise Le Fay. 2010, p. 286. A lightworker's mission. BookLocker.


We climbed the rocks, enormous square chunks of red-brown stone. Each block was topped with a thick layer of bright green moss. The blocks were stacked up and up, as high as we could see.

We climbed to the highest altitude on the planet. The air was cool and misty. I wore a sweater, pants, and boots. There were huts at the top. I rested with my brother and a friend's toddler.

We walked out to see the lake. It was misty gray, settled in the red stone. The toddler fell in; I jumped in after him, instantly marveling at my bravery. We fished him out, my brother and I.

I started to swim. "Come out, it's too cold!" my brother called.

"No, it's warm, I'm going to swim," I replied. And it was. Refreshingly cool, not cold at all. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013


A rare night when I got up on the Reiki table. I usually don't. Usually I like to be the practitioner, not the client. There was a wonderful group of practitioners at the Share tonight. People I know and trust.

I got up on the table. Four people worked on me. It felt like clouds roiling up inside me. Then they cleared away. I felt warm hands on my head, arms, and feet. I relaxed. Stress rolled away. I took deep breaths. Relaxed. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

marriage equality

Well of course. Gender is fluid, irrelevant. We are souls. We love who we love. 


... haven't had much the past few months, I realize. It's been too much work and too little nature, winter sports, and time with friends. Full time plus 2 extra classes is too much. Ok. The semester is winding down and I'm striving for better balance. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


came in the mail today.

Spring will come.

I'll give them some Reiki before planting. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

sun, snow, and ice

Still snow and ice... but I ordered seeds today: kale, beets, beans, and zinnias.

And I sat in the summerhouse, in the sun, barefoot, and read a good book.

When I got restless I harvested morning glory seeds. I pinched the dry hulls, which were hanging in clusters from dry vines. The seeds fell into my palm, I blew the dry hulls away, and dropped the seeds into a jar. 

Transitions... Denise Le Fay

Am reading such a good book. A Lightworker's Mission by Denise Le Fay. Really resonates, explains so much. Pleaidian connections,  Egypt, portals, and much more.
I highly recommend this book.
Here is the author's website: Transitions

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today I'm grateful for a smooth easy day with little drama.

We struggle for excellence, we strive to survive, we do the best we can. Sometimes there are tears, sometimes shouting. No tears, no shouting today. I'm grateful for that.

Today I got to teach, meditate, and share Reiki. What could be better? Oh, it could be better if I'd finished my day with Kirtan. I didn't go to Kirtan. Didn't want to get back in the car, back on the turnpike. It's windy, and the wind blew my car around driving home after class. I was aware of my road position, questioned my tires, realized it was the wind. Too windy for Kirtan.

Just right for a quiet evening at home, grateful for the day. 


We shared Reiki today, 13 of us, a witch's coven.

So quiet. Just breath and easy movement. Occasional whispers and giggles as we thought of something or changed position. Did anyone fall asleep? We are all so tired, all the time. Especially these dear students. They work, care for families, and take classes.

Remember, take care of yourself. 

one word...

We wrote notes to each other in class today... one word per person. Here's what they wrote about me: soft, gentle, calming, caring, compassionate, kind, positive, sincere, gifted, gracious, brilliant, mentor. Thank you ♥

Thursday, March 21, 2013


In Reiki there are few clear answers. It's about the journey. The search for knowing.

Reiki... we do

everything and nothing. 


Wouldn't it be cool to sell a book in Japan. Then maybe several. Then maybe go on a tour to Japan and meet Reiki practitioners there. Share Reiki in Japan. That would be cool.

sunny snowy day in Maine

The sun fills my eyes with light. I can't see, but I can hear the glistening sound of that fresh foot of fluffy snow melting. The watery sound of it falling into the ground.

corpse pose

Sure love that corpse pose after a long twisty yoga class

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We got a foot of snow yesterday. Today is the first day of spring. It's OK. I like snow. I like winter. I like to close the door and open the blinds and watch the white swirls, listen for the snow plow, and relax in a cocoon of white crystals.

Can't drive anywhere. It's peaceful, muffled, quiet. I bundle up to go out: pretty scarf, hand-knit hat from a friend, pink coat, and boots. I wade out through the soft white crystals, out to the shovel and scoop. I have to go out every few hours to shovel in front of my door, otherwise the snow will pile up and make it hard to get out. I don't want to get trapped. I shovel off my doorstep and deck. I scoop the driveway.

It's 100 degrees where friend Arvind lives, in Ahmadabad India. It's 85 in Phoenix where my brother lives; 60 in Beijing where my sister lives, 20 in Minneapolis where she used to live, and 20 in Erie where my son lives.

Today was sunny and 40. A gorgeous Maine winter day. Oh, right. It's spring. Daffodil shoots are there, under the fresh snow. Spring will come. For now, we have a winter wonderland of fluffy white ice crystals.  

nothing and everything

Reiki is everything and nothing.

I do self-Reiki, work, study, meditate, think, reflect, be as healthy as I can be... and then bring my whole self to a Reiki session. It's lots of work, dedication, and persistence. Reiki is my ethical foundation and my connection to spirituality. So it's a lot. Then I bring my whole self and do... nothing.

Reiki is doing nothing.

Well, OK, it's something. I listen, support, reframe positively, advise as a nurse, and establish rapport. Then I place my hands and ... nothing. I clear my mind. I relax, breathe, nothingness. Well OK, I check on the comfort of my client, check my hand placement; then back to nothing.

Reiki is nothingness. And everything. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Reiki day 2013

Dr Sulak's brilliant talk: neg-entropy, health holds our molecules together, the skull has hinge joints and therefore is designed to expand and contract, our mind is in every nerve cell every dendrite, our mind reads the body of another when we place our hands on his/her body. Brilliant, holistic, and compassionate.

Heart-2-heart talks with students. Tears and hugs, real learning. I love being a teacher. I respect, honor, and believe in my students.

Reiki with Betsy. She is a beacon of wisdom and compassion. She calls me on my shit as needed, thank goodness that hasn't been needed in quite a while. She listens. She cares, we laugh. I spent several hours in her home, soaking in all the love- her husband, daughter, granddaughter, brother, son, cats & dogs. We had tea, colored in coloring books, and played in a magic castle. There were Easter bunnies and African violets.

Then I came home and had onion & garlic pizza.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Where does that come from?
I mean the whole "Reiki came from Tibet" thing. Is that a Takata myth?

Is it someone's channeled vision? Did Usui travel to Tibet or read ancient Tibetan manuscripts in a Japanese temple?

The Tibetan connection is repeated in so many places. Scholarly scientific articles, even. So I wonder.

Reiki. It's so cool, so amazing, and so confusing to my students. If it's on a website, in a book, or in a peer-reviewed article - it's true, right? Umm, no. Let me tell you about Hawayo Takata...

Hawayo Takata told stories when she taught Reiki. Many were allegorical, myths to entertain and impart her message. Sorting out the Takata myths is important for our credibility and reliability. Let's at least start out with the facts. Reiki can take us on incredible vision quests, but let's start from a credible base.

So that Tibet thing. True or allegorical? 

Northern Lights

I looked, saw stars but no colored lights. And it's cold: 15 degrees F, that's negative 9 Celsius.

I'll look again in a few hours, supposed to be better viewing in the morning. Did you see them? 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kirtan, again

Ok, so I got that it is sound healing from the inside.

Learned that it is exploding all over the world. I guess that's why we get such talented and passionate musicians, here in Maine. Thanks also to a generous benefactor and host.

Learned that it is God on Earth.

Learned that singing these chants, these names, these sacred names- invokes God.

God is in the name. Saying the name is God.

When the music is loud I feel it in my bones. I sit in the back and close my eyes and I forget to be self-conscious. Went wild tonight: swayed AND bobbed my head. At the same time. This is Yankee Girl Gone Wild.

Many of us are yoga teachers and practitioners. We unself-consciously assume asanas as we chant and sing. We sway and bob. Sometimes we stand up. Did I mention that we're Yankees? Mostly we close our eyes and sit still as we chant and sing.

I have jobs. I like that. Tonight I collected coats, encouraged the sign-in sheet and donation bowl, discouraged chai in the living room- might stain the carpet, tidied the kitchen, took photos for the band, and directed the clean-up. Clean-up, you ask? Yes, we put seat cushions into bags and stack in basement, move tables and couches, wipe kitchen, toss garbage, coil cords, put microphones into plastic cases, move speakers, roll a rug, and ok I guess that's it. Well, jiggle the toilet handle. That too.

I like the jobs; I talk to people. Otherwise I'm too shy and lazy.

So, always moving forward. Creating new relationships. Trying new things. Life.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

in like a lion

still winter here in Maine. Ice, snow squalls, and wind that wraps around the house and rattles the windows.

scientist in Antarctica

Reiki class tonight. The wind blows across the skylights. The wind was howling tonight, so we did a scientist in Antarctica meditation. Cold outside, warm and cozy inside. You had to go out and check your scientific instruments earlier today, and it was bitterly cold. Now you are sitting in front of the fire with a cup of tea. Light glints off the shiny surfaces of the lab. You are filled with light.

That's how we started. Somehow we took a side trip to the solar system...but made it back to Antarctica and then back to our Reiki class.

We did self-Reiki. There were lots of questions. There was some sharing and there were some tears. Also laughter. Reiki transmuted grief and isolation into connection and community.

More Reiki light in our world tonight. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

still winter

in Maine. Snow squalls blew and spit all day. Snow melted when it hit the ground. Still have big piles of icy snow here and there, and the backyard is covered. 

Friday, March 1, 2013


A flock of them on my house when I got home from work. Fat, fluffy, orange and grey robins.

Hello, spring.