Monday, December 31, 2012

while recognizing...

that our time on Earth is full of discord, confrontation, and irritation. Also loneliness, grief, and shame.

It's supposed to be that way, right? That's why we're here. To learn to deal with all that. Acknowledge, live with, integrate, and embrace it. Transcend.

Yeah, working on that.


so happy ...

to share this time and place with you.

Let's work together to create peace, love, and harmony.


Wishing you a transformative, challenging, interesting 2013. Hey, that's why we're here, right? If everything were all unicorns, rainbows, and glitter, then we'd be on The Other Side. This is Earth, live it up!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Roasted peppers

are big in New Mexico.

Unfortunately, didn't get to try them there, as every restaurant I went to cooked them in lard or added meat.

So I came home and roasted peppers. I've roasted peppers before, and they're OK, they're good. What's the big deal?

Yesterday something happened. I put some sliced red peppers in the oven, 425 degrees. Then I got engrossed in a puzzle. A jigsaw puzzle, 1000 pieces, artist's rendition of The House of the Seven Gables. Such an old lady thing to do, I know.

I used to love to work on jigsaw puzzles with my mother-in-law. She had one going all the time. So peaceful, doing puzzles with her.

Well, I hadn't done one in years. Then at the nursing home with students, I started to get sucked in to the puzzles, always set up in the common room. I mean, I didn't neglect my duties, but at odd moments I'd stop an put in a piece or two.

So I bought myself this puzzle. Something to do over the holiday break. I spread it out on my kitchen floor and did yoga poses as I searched for pieces. I was completely obsessed; hours melted away as I plunked in pieces.

What does this have to do with peppers? Oh, yeah. They burned. I was so absorbed in the puzzle, I forgot about the peppers for a bit and when I went to check them they were black on the edges and stuck black to the bottom of the roasting pan. I scraped them out, disappointed and hungry. Nibbled one. It was good.

They caramelized like long-cooked onions. The burned peppers were deliciously transformed, incredibly sweet.

Oh. Roasted peppers. I get it.  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tao & Longevity

by Huai-Chin Nan...

is the book my sister gave me for Christmas. It's about meditation, a bestseller in China. Started it, very good. Will update you.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

8 car accidents

Saw 8 car accidents today, Christmas Day. 7 were on turnpike, 1 on highway. Saw lots of tow trucks, no ambulances.

Looked like people slid off the road. It was snowing hard, temp right around 30 degrees.

I drove south to pick up my son, brought him to my house for several hours, then took him north. It was wonderful to have him here, pure joy, actually. We ate some food and exchanged gifts. We ate current/fennel crusty bread with vegie cream cheese and Eskimo-produced wild caught and smoked salmon. Also peppadews, pickles, and olives. And eggplant hummus. I made tea. He brought cookies; he made the cookies! Gingerbread, no-bakes, and linzer-torte cookies. A man drove by the house on a snowmobile as we celebrated the holiday. A snowmobile, right on the street. The snow was coming down pretty good right then.

Drive carefully, people, so we can have lovely times with family. Thank you.

Christmas morning meditation

I'm up early, the sun just rising now- spreading a pink-orange light through lavender-grey clouds. It's cold out. Frosty.

Been thinking about how much I love to be in a meditative state. I don't usually sit cross-legged on a pillow, eyes closed. Instead I get there during Reiki and yoga. Realized that's one of my favorite things about Reiki and yoga.

Reiki: I go deep, losing sense of my body, time & space. I open my eyes periodically to check on the client: safe, warm, & comfortable? Yeah. Close my eyes and go back to nowhere, nothingness. I love it there.

Yoga is similar. I close my eyes, breathe, and move. Part of my mind listens to the teacher's instructions, and follows the familiar instructions, moving into the familiar asanas. Move, breathe, stretch, breathe, adjust: repeat. My mind is quiet. I focus on muscles and breath; mind is blissfully quiet.

I don't care if the asanas are perfect. I do the best I can, striving for alignment, grace, and stretch. I don't need to be perfect, I just want my mind gone ~ for the moment.

When my mind is quiet my spirit comes alive. I feel peace, connection, and love. Sometimes here are visions of cosmology, loved ones, or symbols.

Meditation. Been there? Nice place to be.

Monday, December 24, 2012


Reiki Nurse goes international: recent sales noted in Spain and Germany.

More Reiki light around our Earth.

Merry Christmas Eve, dear readers. 

Occupy Joy

Occupy Reiki.
Tune in to joy.
Settle down in peace.

on the flipside

Having second thoughts about that whole pocket-sized nuclear weapon idea.

Got another idea.

How about Reiki and yoga for every teacher? Every staff member, principal, and every student. Teach peace, love, and connection. Teach meditation, therapeutic communication, and negotiation. Teach detachment from the 3rd dimension sense of isolation and emotions like envy, resentment, and rage. Step back from negativity.

Tune in to joy.

Be a conduit for joy.

Yeah, teach that. Arm teachers with love.

NRA- guns in school

Fab idea. Marvy. Sure, why not? Keep everyone safe and all that.

All teachers should take gun classes and carry a rifle. Or handgun. Automatic assault weapon.

Why stop there? Staff and principals too. And what about the kids? Yeah, they should have guns too. Just give everyone a gun. You get mad, POW. You see someone shooting, POW POW.

But wait, maybe guns aren't enough. How about grenades. Do they make pocket-sized nuclear weapons? Yeah, how about that. Welcome to kindergarten. Here's your own personal nuclear weapon. You feel threatened, see someone with a gun, toss this and duck.

Yeah, that's what we need. More weapons, more angry conflicted people, more fear. Great solution, NRA.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Stretched out and back like a rubber band. Be here, nowhere else. Just breathe, just be.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

too busy to blog

Syllabi, tests, Moodle & Blackboard pages, booklists;

Holiday parties, cards, shopping & wrapping;

Reiki & yoga:

Just breathe.

Monday, December 17, 2012

give a book

for Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa.

There's still time. Just click on the book covers to the right.

Merry Christmas from Maine.


First big snow of the season. Flakes are swirling, piling, and drifting.

I scooped the driveway, deck, and steps. Now sipping tea, enjoying the white stillness.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

a search for meaning

In difficult times I remind myself to stay centered, stay calm, and search for the spiritual meaning.

We count on the natural progression of life: birth, school, love, work, children and grandchildren, continual learning, retirement, review, and finally- after a full and rewarding life - - a gentle death.

That doesn't always happen. Sometimes people die violently, young people, children: that's shocking and upsetting. And what possible spiritual meaning could there be in that situation?

We mourn now for the families in Connecticut. Why did this happen? How can we bear it? What are we supposed to do about it?

For now, let's just stop. Sit. Listen.

Listen to the snow fall. Listen to your loved ones breathe. Listen for answers from your heart. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

gas gauge

Here's a weird thing. The gas gauge on my car works, but the illumination does not. At night, with headlights on, I can't see the gas gauge. I was told that it would be difficult to fix; one would have to dismantle the dashboard: time consuming and thus costly.

It's been this way for probably two years.

Last night it worked. I drove at night, an hour north for a meeting. The gas gauge was illuminated. How beautiful it was.

After the meeting I got back in the car to drive home. No illumination.

Except for the stars, those shooting stars, those long slow trails of light. But no light over the gas gauge. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

6 shooting stars

and a deer. That's what I saw on my way home tonight.

The first one was cool, but after the third I suspected that I was hallucinating. I pulled off the road to look at the sky and saw three more. Evidently it's the Geminid meteor shower.

The deer I saw once I got back to the city, just a few blocks from my house. The houses thin out and there's some woods on one side of the road, fields on the other. I saw a deer there last year too. I'm pretty sure there were two deer tonight, saw one for sure and the ghost of another. So probably two.

I went north for a meeting, up in the foothills. There was snow on the ground up there, and ice in the parking lots. We don't have any of that down here. We don't have all the stars either, too many lights here. I saw the Milky Way, Pleaiades lit up like a Christmas tree, Orion, and the Big Dipper. Lots of stars, some falling from the sky. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Solitude and serenity

If, as the critics say, Winslow Homer's paintings are all about conflict and solitude: crashing waves, starving man in lifeboat, solid woman staring at horizon, ravens attacking fox, and winter rocks...

I look at my photographs and they seem to be all about serenity and solitude: solid quiet studies of light and dark, rarely people, sometimes a heroic dog, architecture, travel, and food. 

Christmas cards

Obsolete? Too much work? Superseded by email?



The guilt. I feel like I should create a beautiful handmade calligraphic photo-endowed Christmas card and send out with a personal hand-written message to each friend and family member.

Not going to happen. I haven't got round to opening the cards I received 2 weeks ago. Or was it three. I know once I open them I'll have to answer them and that sounds like

Now don't get me wrong, I care about you. There's no excuse for the way I act and feel. But perhaps an explanation. A multifaceted explanation: I work 50-60 hours/week, time off I explore the beautiful state of Maine, that flat tire, Secret Santa at work-must shop & wrap, laziness, sloth, apathy, attempts at a social life,  Christmas-aversion, writer's cramp (no, that one won't work, scratch that), OK no excuse. I'm sorry.

I have all the best intentions. Boxes of cards are stacked, waiting for personal notes & stamps. Also waiting: spring syllabi, dust bunnies, travel plans, Reiki clients, and piles of laundry. So, group email Christmas greeting OK with you? 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer. Thought I didn't care for his work. I'd seen pics in books and catalogs, ho hum. Coastal landscapes, so what?

Saw an exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art today and wow. Blew me away. How could he so completely capture the smell, feel, and sound of the Maine coast with... take a closer look, scattered daubs of paint?
It seemed like magic to me.

From across the room I could see the power of the wave. Violence, Maureen said. "The wave is violent. Dave says 'powerful', but I say 'violent.'" Dave is Maureen's husband and they are in Portland celebrating Maureen's birthday.

We had brunch at a funky downtown bistro; coffee & breakfast burritos all around. We walked to the museum and admired Paul Akers' Dead Pearl Diver. I was again surprised at the breadth of the collection: Matisse, Rodin, Renoir, Hartley, Ipcar, Cassat, Picasso, Indiana, Nevelson, Monet, and Calder.

But it was the Homer exhibit that surprised me. Oils and watercolors. I was enthralled with the foggy coastal scene. How could a flat grayish-brown blur be so compelling? Rocks, water, and sky are so difficult to capture- he did it- and conveyed violence, solitude, and fortitude.

I especially like the ones with people- and they were mostly women: strong working seaside women. They wore long skirts and slim boots as they hauled fishing nets and traps. Their facial expressions were chiseled, far-seeing, focused, and serious.

I looked at the paintings from as far away as I could get, then slowly approached, as close as I could. It was an optical illusion. From afar: a perfect scene. like the ho-hum magazine photo of the Maine coast. As I approached, the scene broke up into planes of light, rectangles of rock, a cloudy froth of sea-foam, the smooth flow of a receding wave, or a bramble of seaweed. Closer and it was blobs of paint, swirls of color, scrapes and ridges.

There were two with animals. One was a flock of Canada geese in flight. Two were on the ground, at least one was dead. Both? Maybe one was keening the loss of it's mate. The other painting was a fox in the snow. Ravens seemed to be threatening, perhaps attacking. Again: violence, grief, estrangement.

Most paintings were dark, desolate, and conflicted. Yeah, I liked them. Who knew.


Went to kirtan this evening.

Wasn't sure I'd go. So tired. Possibility of freezing rain and sleet. So sad about Fluffy. Need to get out: out of my head and out of my house.

Stayed up past midnight reading a good book. Jumped out of bed around 6 this morning and decided to head out to the dreaded Wal-Mart for Secret Santa presents. A work thing. My recipient likes Santas and detailed plastic table decorations. Spent about an hour selecting gifts for her and stuff I needed for the house. Got to the register: no wallet. Left it home because I was shopping online last night. Forgot to toss wallet back into purse. I asked the clerk to save my bag and trudged out to my car, in the cold drizzle, empty-handed.

Had a flat tire.

Drove slowly to the garage across the street and squirted in some air. How much? No clue. Til it looked better. Drove home for my wallet, then onwards to my tire place. Hours later I had my Wal-Mart bag and a new tire.

Made rice for the potluck. Did corpse pose (savasanna) on the couch for 30 minutes. It got dark. I fired up my GPS and headed out.

HI hi hi. Look at the food, Got a plate and sunk into a comfy couch. The host, Ashok, asked me, "Do you want to relax, or do you want to work? Oh, you want to relax."

I jumped up, "Oh no! I want to work. What can I do?"

So I hung up coats, organized the food (salads on the kitchen island, entrees on the table in the kitchen, desserts in the dining room), and jiggled the toilet handle. I also moved coats and shoes to the other closet (they piled up so fast in the entryway), answered questions, and got to meet lots of people. I'll tell you, taking coats is a great job for shy people.

Left to myself, I would hover on the edges. Observe. Step out for fresh air. With jobs, I talked to everyone.

Suddenly, Pierre was there. He's a friend, a fellow Reiki practitioner. Hi, Pierre! Hugs...

We celebrated Ashok's 25 years in the US. "I came to the US in 1987 with $100," he told us. Now he has a gorgeous home, his own business, and lots of friends.

Then the kirtan started. Kirtan is chanting the names of Hindu gods. You don't have to be Hindu to chant, as Ashok explained. People of all faiths are welcome. Kirtan is spiritual music. It's community. It's sound healing from the inside, and from outside. It's sound and movement, call and response. Sometimes it's quiet and slow, other times fast and loud. Some people dance.

There were talented singers and musicians there. They played harmonium, classic guitar, drums, and flute.

I sang for Fluffy. My voice joined the community of voices. I shook a purple egg, making a rattly sound. I felt like a musician. I even swayed a little.

Afterwards I helped clean up. I tossed plates and cups, lugged garbage bags outside, swept the floor, and consolidated the leftover food. There was another woman cleaning too. She washed dishes and wiped tables and counters. We talked and joked as we worked.

Out of the blue she said, "What's your maiden name?"

"Why do you want to know?" I asked. Cautious.

"We went to art school together! I recognize your voice," she said. "Michael Moore, Uris Ubans, Sheila, and Willow, remember?"


That was how many years ago? Lots. She's my age? How come she's so beautiful and I'm so old?

We were art majors. We drew, took photos, and made pots.

She was wearing silver jewelry that she made herself. She looked chic and sophisticated. All those years ago, now here we were cleaning a kitchen as the kirtan wrapped up.

Life sometimes goes around in circles.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

lots of 2s

Just realized, Fluff died on 12-2-12 at 2 pm.

What is "2" in numerology?

According to Michael McClain

The number 2

2 Positive Traits

Cooperation, adaptability, considerate of others, sensitive to the needs of others, partnering, an arbiter or mediator, modest, sincere, spiritually influenced, a diplomat.

2 Negative Traits

Shyness, timidity, fear, self-consciousness, drown in detail, depression. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Egg McMuffin

I went to the Chester Greenwood parade today. Got an Egg McMuffin on the way and shared it with Fluff. She ate some and that was good, as she hasn't been eating or drinking much the past few days.

She slept in the car as I stopped at the Farmer's Union to buy fresh, free-range eggs: $3.00/dozen. She slept in the car as I shopped at the craft fairs. I got little gifts for my Secret Santa at work. There were some really beautiful items there this year- complicated beaded jewelry and silver bracelets. There were charming felt cupcakes... but what does one do with a felt cupcake?

Then I went to visit my friends Betsy & Dave. I love their house: so warm and comfy. It's all wood floors and walls, Persian carpets, comfy sofas, a wall of plants, a ceiling of baskets, cats & dogs, and my good friends. While I ate a last piece of Thanksgiving apple pie, Betsy made Fluff a scrambled egg on toast and Fluff ate most of it.

Betsy and I went downtown and toured the octagon house. The local historical society is hoping to purchase it, and hosted an open house today. It's an old 8-sided brick house full of antiques; it already looks like a museum. Different local businesses took over a room- and decorated it for Christmas. There were beautiful floral arrangements, hot wassail, and cookies.

Today was good. Tomorrow I will be snowed in: will alternately shovel snow and read a good book.

Friday, November 30, 2012


Not sure why, but this blog is popular in Russia. Is Reiki big in Russia? I hope so.

до свидания

frozen kale

Kind of cold out there tonight, 15 F (9.4C) and the kale isn't looking so good. Kind of stiff and falling over. I broke off a bit and munched. Frozen, but surprisingly delicious. Delicately flavorful. Definitely edible. 

eagle & sage

Shared Reiki today.

During the session I saw a vision of an enormous eagle, flapping wings over a bonfire of sage, spreading sage smoke.

Trite and predictable imagery? Excessively New-Agey? Yeah, but that's what I saw. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fluff again

Fluff is sick again. She's having trouble breathing and swallowing, and barely eats. I made her some rice; she likes that and she kept it down.

I think she might have masses in her neck, pressing on her trachea and esophagus. She has many soft tumors, and had one large one removed four or five years ago. She's almost 14.

I took her to the vet yesterday. The vet examined her and said there was nothing wrong. She did admit that Fluff's respiratory rate and effort were increased, but glared at me and said, "It's probably something like you 're wearing a new perfume and now your dog has asthma."

Yeah, I don't wear perfume.

Then the vet said, "She should have a chest x-ray."

"How much will that cost and what will it tell you?"

"$120, and if she has an enlarged heart," the vet said.

"An enlarged heart? You think it's congestive heart failure? Can you treat that?"

"Yes, there are medications. It could be heart failure. Does she cough a lot? That's a sign of heart failure."

"No, she doesn't cough. I'm going to have to think about an x-ray. I think I'll just take her home now."

So I did. She's having trouble breathing and swallowing, but she ate some rice. She sleeps a lot. I'm glad she's still here.


... still waiting to hear about the scholarly article Dr Erica & I wrote.

I submitted it to a journal last June. Saw the statistician today and he asked about the article.

"Still waiting to hear," I told him.

"It isn't my graphs holding it up, is it?" he asked.

"Oh, hey, no, I'm sure that's not it," I reassured him. "Just waiting to hear."

Saturday, November 17, 2012


We've had some cold nights here in Maine. Down to 10F.

The kale lives. I planted a couple of rows last March and have been eating it since spring.

Today I picked an armload, solicited recipes on Facebook, and decided to roast. I poured a little olive oil in the bottom of a Dutch oven. That's an iron pot, lined with ceramic. I washed the kale, and cut it with my kitchen scissors, filling the pot. I added 4 big cloves of garlic, some chili pepper seasoning, and hot peppers. I baked it for half an hour at 350, and let it sit for an hour. It's perfect. Spicy and tender, green and red, flavor and nutrition.


I don't give you power, I help you find and use your own power. I help you tune in to the energy. I acknowledge your accomplishments. 

Friday, November 16, 2012


thinking about wholeness, Reiki ethics, and autonomy.

How do you decide when your student is ready to progress to the next level? How does the student decide? What is the meaning of an attunement?

When a student is completely absorbed in self and craves attention, probably not the time to attune to the next level, right? But what if he/she demands it? Says, "You promised!" Cries, gets angry, threatens.

Why does this student want the attunement so badly? Is it a trophy? A badge of honor?

I keep getting that it's like Dorothy and Glinda... "You've always had the power."

I don't know why some students feel an attunement is so important when it seems to me that daily self-Reiki, adherence to the ethics, and sharing with others is way more important. hmm.

Is an attunement a celebration of what is or an opening to what will be?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

winter link

Remember summer? Bare skin, sun, and flowers.

Well, it's winter in Maine now. Time to read. Here's a link: Reiki Nurse

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

give a book

for Christmas.

How about Reiki Nurse? Explore Reiki and the life of a Maine nurse.

Or something by Maine author Mark LaFlamme? Prolific contemporary local writer- you like Poe and King? Try LaFlamme.

Other recommendations: A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, or Major Pettigrew's Last Stand , Helen Simonson . All good.

Books for Christmas. Curl up and dream.


is my favorite holiday.... all family, friends, and food.

My mom's cinnamon rolls, Uncle Roland loved her rolls. Our tiny turkey table decorations: Tom, Hen, and several smaller ones, chicks. Dad opening the oven door to baste the turkey and the delicious smell rolling out. Even after all these years of being a vegetarian, roasting turkey is one pleasant smell. It's home and Dad.

I remember my little cousins arriving after a long drive- all dressed up as Pilgrims. I guess we were the wild Indians. Native Americans.

We always had guests, too. Not just family. Random unconnected lost guests.

One year our guests brought eggplant parmesan. Every year after that Mother served it, and it was my substitute for turkey, my fab vegie indulgence. Oily, cheesy, smoky eggplant parmesan.

No cards, no gifts: just food. Food, family, and friends. Cold walks, sometimes snow. Pie.

The past few years I've gone to dinner with my dear friends Betsy and Dave. Their house is full of love, family, pets, and incredible homegrown homemade food. They are so gracious to allow me in, a random guest. I'm thankful for friends these days.

sad goodbye

to the surly teen with angel friends. I'm so glad I met you.

Friday, November 9, 2012

that fish thing...

Is why I love Reiki.

Teach a person to share Reiki. No guru here, no concentration of power- - it's free and accessible to all. Everyone can do Reiki, everyone can participate. That's why I love to teach. Spread it, share it, be it: Reiki.

it happened again...

I'm on  a schedule. At work at 6: mentored students, negotiated with nurse managers, advised, & educated. Went to the office for several more hours of work: emails, syllabi, certificates, and online education servers. Life of a teacher.

But at 10 hours Fluffy needs to go outside.

So I gather my things: important papers, work for home, and personal belongings. I rush for the door. Oh, got to check in with the teacher in the next office. We get talking about student issues, "Sit down!" I sit down, we talk, eek, look at the clock, gotta go.

I think of a quick question for the controller next door. He wants to discuss. He has questions, "Sit down!" I sit down. I jump up to seek answers from the assistant registrar 2 doors down. I go back and forth with answers and more questions. eek, look at the time. He wants to talk about taxes. "Hey, I listened to you talk about Reiki. Now you get to listen to me talk about taxes."

It's just like the dentist. I can't seem to get away. Everyone wants to chat. I'm longing to leave, it's been 40 minutes now. I mention the dentist, how they didn't want me to leave. The controller says, "It's because you're so pleasant," so I razz him a little. He describes his foray into vegetarianism. "What?" I asked, "I didn't know you could be a Republican AND a vegetarian."

"Oh yeah," he replied. "I bought a vegetarian cookbook, but my wife wouldn't use it."

" didn't do the cooking. You bought the cookbook for her."

"Well, yeah. I buy the groceries. She cooks for me."

It was definitely time to go. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

step back

A coworker is having trouble with a sibling.

This coworker is a gem, an amazing treasure trove of skills, ability, and work ethic.

The sibling is suddenly being verbally abusive. The coworker becomes upset.

"Step back," I advised. "Say, 'Wow, this is pushing my buttons. I feel upset.'"

Step back. Notice your feelings. 

Reiki practitioner

Met a wonderful Reiki practitioner today. Young, fit, beautiful, enthusiastic... in life transition. She came to meet with me to see if she could volunteer at our cancer center. She would be wonderful, the clients would love her, but...

But she didn't realize how far we are from her home. It was an hour drive. On a snowy, slushy, rainy day. Lewiston is an old mill city. We are barely attractive in the best weather. Today was all gray and gloomy cityscapes. So it's too far for a weekly commitment to a volunteer position when one is an ordained chaplain and Reiki practitioner looking for a full time job with benefits.

I showed her our glorious cancer center, invited her to our monthly Reiki shares, and tried to talk her into giving a talk or moving here.

Did I mention it's too far, she's a single mom of a toddler, and she has never engaged in public speaking?

So it doesn't always work out the way you planned. OK. Things happen for a reason, and we don't always see the reason right away. Still, my spirit recognizes your spirit. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello, Germany!

Whoo hoo! Just made my first sale in Germany.

Thank you, Germany. Danke. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Reiki with the dentist

How often does this happen to you?

I have dentalphobia and today was the day for a regular cleaning. Did Reiki on myself in the chair. Realized that I'm not as anxious as I used to be. Well, did have nightmares last night... whatever. Is is the kindness and compassion of my wonderful dental hygienist? Because she treats me like a real person?

Anyway, we got talking. Well, she did most of the talking when her hands and tools were in my mouth. I did manage to get in a few words about Reiki. Then the dentist came in and told me about her stress.

So somehow, after my appointment, I shared Reiki with the hygienist and the dentist. My Reiki path is a continual surprise. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reiki class

Taught a Reiki class tonight. There were several powerful people there and one chatterbox. I tried to send fair and equal energy to all, but of course the chatterbox dominated my attention.  She had lots of questions and wasn't sure she agreed with the idea of Reiki. She reminded me of my commitment to patience, acceptance, and tolerance. She listened to the history and ethics of Reiki, but declined to participate in self-Reiki, declined to be attuned, and unfortunately had to leave early.

The remaining students wanted to learn hand positions on others. They wanted to be attuned to Level 1. They burned with heat, energy, love, intention, and purpose. We shared group Reiki with a willing volunteer. We did attunements. There are new Level One Reiki practitioners in our world tonight. There is more Reiki light. There is more love. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

cats, Red Sox fans, and the Lion King

Also princesses, a pink flapper-era dancer, and a little boy in a snowsuit and helmet.

My garden produced just one orange pumpkin: it's on the porch. I have a basket of candy and washed the entry room floor: I'm ready.

A beautiful princess or witch, Mario from a video game, Harry Potter, and a bunny with a pink tail.

I can hear them in the street, shouting, "Candy!" "Happy Halloween!" "Trick or Treat!" and "Thank you!"

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy, Hurricane Sandy

It's windy. Rained all day today (Monday) and supposed to rain until Saturday. It's Hurricane Sandy.

Yesterday I bought a new flashlight and more candles.

It's Maine and we're used to hardship here. We're used to winter storms and losing electricity. Still, I dread it. I hate losing power and I'm not a generator kind of person. I like heat and hot water and don't have a wood stove. I'm dismayed at losing all the groceries in my frig and freezer. Otherwise, I'll get by. I'll take cold showers and eat at restaurants, charge up my phone at work. I'll wait patiently for electricity to return.

The best part? People join together, help each other, and look out for each other. It's a time of connection and caring.

Please stay safe & warm, everyone.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Raspberries in October

a second crop. They are pungent, tough, and explodingly flavorful.

They endured 2 frosts, 2 weeks of rain, and cool Maine temps and here they are. Raspberries. Big red puckeringly flavorful raspberries. What a gift. 


has taken me places I never imagined.

Geographically: Albuquerque.

Ethically: oh, the stories I could tell.

Professionally: to the moon.

Personally: my connection to spirit. My books.

Overall: challenging and rewarding. Please try it. Have a session or take a class. Reiki.

so lucky...

to have a great job: I'm a teacher.

My students are brave, intrepid, courageous, compassionate, willing, and curious. They come from a variety of backgrounds, all ages, various genders, have issues... so what, they want to help. They want to give back. They want a job that will engage their mind, body, and spirit. They want a job that will pay the bills. They want to be nurses. I want to help them become great nurses.

So, how do you communicate? How do you express compassion? What are the rules and when can you break them?

How do nurses think, talk, and write? When is humor permissible? We cover all these issues and more.

Nurses are cool. Nursing school is amazing and students are the best.

Monday, October 22, 2012

roasting seeds

Roasting a spaghetti squash- so good with garlic and parmesan cheese.

Roasting the seeds too. Little bit of oil, little soy sauce. Crunchy goodness.

My life is changing and so my thoughts turn to food and self-sustenance. Instead of teaching in the classroom, or a mix of classroom and clinical sites... tomorrow it's all clinical sites, all day, every day, 5 days a week for the next 5 weeks. It's a big change. Here I go. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

fall in Maine

And there are still flowers.

Maine earthquake: we will rebuild

Totally fine here. No harm, just completely extraordinary. Here in Maine we're usually free of earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, poisonous snakes, and crocodiles. We do get Down Easters; that's a big snow storm.

Friday, October 19, 2012


She was Asian and upset.

I tried to connect. "Domo arigato," I said.

"I know what that means, but I'm not Japanese," she replied.

Yeah. There I go again. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

a discovery of witches

is so good. Also the sequel. Read both, fast, and immediately started to reread, slowly.

Am just finishing the sequel- why can't I remember the name? -something about the night-  and it is so good. It's like coming home. It's magic, history, philosophy, science, romance, and well written. Thank you, dear sister, for recommending these books.

Author: Deborah Harkness. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Maine earthquake

I felt it. I was sitting in the living room, reading and listening to the radio. I heard a rumble and my chair wobbled. I thought maybe it was a big truck going by, and went to the door to look. Nothing. All quiet.

Went online and learned about the earthquake. We don't usually get them here in Maine. Freaky.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reiki goes to college

I taught a 3 credit Reiki class at the University last summer. Now I have another chance to teach it at my small community college. We offered it last year, but no one enrolled. We are going to offer it again this spring. It will be a hybrid class: online and face to face.


Reiki Nurse: UK

Wow, sales are booming in UK. Thank you to my friends in the United Kingdom. I hope you enjoy my books. Thank you for sharing and spreading Reiki.

Monday, October 15, 2012

family clinic in Albuquerque

They did 13,000 medical evaluations in 2011. They also did tattoo removals, Reiki, acupuncture, curandissimo, and harm reduction.

Tattoo removals: gang, prison, and survivors of human trafficking.

Reiki: energy work, ethics, and path of life.

Acupuncture: Chinese energy medicine.

Curandissimo: Hispanic healing tradition.

Harm reduction: seen as a right. Needle exchange and narcan nasal spray. Reduce deaths from overdose of narcotics with emergency narcan. Clinic provides narcan nasal spray.

Such a holistic, innovative, and responsible place. Start such a clinic in your community? Make it your legacy.

altar at the family clinic in Albuquerque

Thursday, October 11, 2012

the healing circle

Dr E and I went to the healing circle at Paula's clinic.

It was a family services clinic in Albuquerque. The director showed us around. He told us the history and described the business model.

There are no appointments, it's like urgent care. People drop in and pay $40 to be seen.

Dr E and I participated in a healing circle for substance abusers. It was the best part of my trip to Albuquerque. There was acupuncture, Reiki, and curandissimo at the healing circle.

The clients were six males, ranging in age from perhaps 16 to 60, three healers, and three visitors. The three healers were Paula, another Reiki practitioner (E), and a nurse practitioner, L. First L explained the process: four healing circles and Suboxone therapy. She invited questions and discussion.

Next L distributed cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol and instructed us to clean our ears. I swabbed the opening to my ear canal, not properly comprehending the instruction. L tossed a package of needles to each client, then went around and inserted six needles into each pinna. That's the big grooved part of your ear. I didn't get the needles because I was going to share Reiki.

Each client reclined in a comfy lawn chair, white washcloth over eyes, calves elevated on pillows. I started to hear snores as soon as the needles went in. L went to the altar and began to pray. The altar was about waist high: adorned with candles, crystals, herbs, and figurines. There was a glass bowl of water with a stone in the bottom. The candles were in tall glass cylinders, painted with images of the Mother Mary. There was an amethyst crystal and other semi-precious stones, bundles of lavender and sage, and clay religious figures.

As L prayed; E, Paola, and I started to share Reiki. E wore skinny jeans, an argyle vest, and a crocheted beret. Her dark curls cascaded down; her glasses reflected the candlelight. Paola gleamed- in her lime top, peppery dreads, and malachite bracelet.

I centered myself; called on my guides and angels because I really wanted them to share the experience with me; called Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, and Hawayo Takata; and began. My client was snoring; I prefer them awake so they can participate in the experience, oh well, go with the flow; I started at his head. My hands felt warm, but they didn't throb and pulse with the energy as they usually do. Twenty minutes later I finished and started on the next client. When I finished there was one client left. Paola and E joined me to work on the other visitor, a local mental health counselor.

Everyone got Reiki. Then L came in and did limpias. Limpia is curandissimo. It seemed to be a clearing, prayer, emotional release, and blessing. She did each client, and me too. I cried the whole time she did me. She told me to take care of myself. She swiped us down with sprigs of rosemary. She told us to bury the rosemary. I said, "I will take the rosemary back to Maine and bury it there."

She thought for a moment and said, "No. The rosemary has your spirit in it, and all the things you don't need. You have to bury it here."

So when we left, I buried it in some soft desert sand outside the clinic.

Then Dr E and I went across the street for lunch. The waitress spoke Spanish, but no English. I ordered tacos, "no carne."

"No carne?" she repeated, staring.

I could see she understood my words, but not the concept. I ordered cheese enchiladas instead and they were good.


Tonita found me at a workshop the next day and whispered, "You're the Reiki person, right? Meet me outside in 15 minutes. Paula is coming."

I went outside in 10.

Paula (Paola) greeted me with a hug. She had black and grey dreads nearly to her waist, smooth brown skin, and a wide smile. We sat beside the pool and talked about Reiki and Suboxone.

As soon as she mentioned Suboxone I texted my co-presenter. I knew Dr E would be interested, as she manages a Suboxone clinic.

Paula invited us to her clinic, to a healing circle for substance abusers. The three of us made plans. 

the conference

I went to Albuquerque to present my Reiki research to a gathering of integrative oncologists.

That part was great. I talked to lots of people who at least assumed an interest. There was the friendly Chinese doc from Dana-Farber, the federal regulator, the handsome Czech doc from Indianapolis, and lots of others. I could talk about Reiki and my Reiki research for hours.

I went to workshops too. I went to all that I could manage. Sometimes my brain was too full and I had to take a break beside the pool. Breathe some fresh air.

There were lots of oral presentations of research, many involving slides of dissected mice. One presenter urged us to sing, "You Are My Sunshine." Several bravely attempted to address us in English; I applauded their pluck.

The best speech was the mushroom guy, Paul Stamets. The best panel presentation was the one by the host, UNM. University of New Mexico. They talked about their multicultural classes. The panel was really good, interesting. They called on a colleague to say more. She spoke pragmatically, important truths. I felt compelled to find and speak with her.

I encountered Tonita in the vendor hall and stumblingly praised her speech and described my work. She said I should talk with her colleague, Paula, pronounced, "Paola," or "Pa ooou la."

time, distance, space

Thinking about my trip.

I went outside to sit on the deck, to look at the stars and contemplate journeys. It was cold, dark, and overcast. No stars. I yearned for Fluff and the garden. Fluff is at her doggy spa and my garden is hidden in darkness.

I woke up in Albuquerque today at 4:55 am, showered and appeared in the hotel lobby at 5:30. Got home at 8 pm. There's a complicated time difference. Wait, not that complicated: two hours. So I traveled for 12.5 hours. Car, two planes, bus, and car. Home.

Arrived home and it was 40 F outside, 58 F inside. I turned on the heat and hot water, looked at the mail, unpacked. Kept looking for Fluffy, oh yeah. Yesterday I sat beside the pool, and would have gone in if I'd had the time. The conference.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

hearts wide open

What does that mean? My waiter yesterday told me, "You're going to love Albuquerque. Everyone here goes around with hearts wide open." Then he showed me about 20 pics of Albuquerque sunsets on his phone. He was a sweet young California surfer type. How nice.

He's right. Everyone I've met here has been so kind and generous. Starting with my cousins, who picked me up at the airport, took me into their homes, took me to their favorite restaurants, the Balloon Fiesta, and the Broadway production of The Lion King.

Since then I've been at a big downtown hotel, attending a conference. Integrative oncologists.... lots of talk about mushrooms, Chinese herbs, and research. I've learned so much about research. Yoga and meditation in the morning, fruit snacks, sunny lunches.

And everyone's hearts are wide open. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

fog gone

Woke up before 5, turned off water heater and dehumidifier, turned on light in kitchen. Hit the road.

It was dark, half moon and stars still out. I stopped for coffee. The sky lightened and I saw clumps of gray fog hanging between stands of brilliant orange maples and dark green pines. Fog over the bogs and streams.

Now it's sunny. The maples are red, orange, and green. The pines are rusty with needles about to fall. It's fall.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


... can't seem to make it and miss it so much.

I get up around 6 and stop for coffee around 7; I exchange several non-work-related words with cool people at the local coffee shop. There is always great music; there are pretty pastries and colorful vegies.

At work I sip that coffee and read the news. I'm on the clock at 8. I teach every day all day. Home at 5 I bond with Fluffy, wash dishes & laundry, wander the garden & backyard, and check my emails. By then it's dark. Is there any way I can get myself to a yoga class at this point? It's bedtime. I grab a book and celebrate the end of the day.

No yoga classes on the weekend, when I could go. I miss yoga.


Just drove 2 hours in the rain. The leaves were beautiful, orange maples against the pines. Then it got dark. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Reading Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches and the sequel: can't seem to retain the name... something about night. Anyhow. They are rich and deep. Read them through at speed of light was so engrossed and so anxious about the plot. Immediately began to reread and am enjoying now on another level: relaxed, admiring the language and history. It's funny now. I guffaw. Heartily recommend. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bean stew

Soak local kidney beans in fresh spring water. Go to bed.

Good morning! Bring the beans to a boil, then turn off. Leave pot of beans on the stove.

Do errands. Fetch more fresh spring water. Go to the Farmer's Market for tomatoes, garlic, leeks, and beets. Have brunch with a friend. Catch up, laugh, cry a little. Order truffle scrambled eggs and rye toast, because it sounds so good. Take that first bite and remember that you don't like the taste of truffle. Chocolate ones, well yeah. But truffle salt, truffle oil, hmmm, don't care for it.

Talk and laugh with friend. A bus drops off about a hundred leaf peepers and they want your table. Wander around downtown, admire the Mt St Helens emerald obsidianite: a sparkly green synthetic glass stone.

Go home and stir the beans. Turn on the heat and simmer for an hour. Go out back to the garden and pick a bunch of kale. Plant some garlic. Back inside, add fresh tomatoes, the ones that have to be eaten right away. Add two cloves of minced garlic, a handful of chopped kale, dried hot pepper, and two pinches of dried herbs. Turn off the heat and let sit another hour. There's supper, and some lunches for the week. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

eating disorder

I taught nutrition yesterday. We watched videos about anorexia and bulimia.

It's Fluffy. I realized that she has an eating disorder.

The alarm went off this morning at 0630 and I poked my toes out of bed. Fluff chose that moment to vomit on the floor. The 2 year old hardwood hickory floor. Really? When I'm letting you out in like one minute? Yah: really. Buh-jork, heave, upchuck on the floor. Dang. Let her out, cleaned it up. Mostly grass: hmmm..

She binges on grass, then purges. My dog has bulimia.

*my apologies to those people and families who truly live with this insidious condition. I do not mean to mock or minimalize your experience. I am attempting humor, my coping strategy for a challenging life. Be well. Live long and prosper.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reiki share

Just got home from the most wonderful Reiki share. What made it so great? The hearts, gratitude, and beauty.

I've been working at this cancer center for 3 1/2 years. The center kept growing, and this week they moved to a new space. They opened today, and this evening we had a Reiki share.

The new space? It's the top floor of an old factory. The original wooden beams in the high ceilings were covered with tar. Workmen blasted them with walnut hulls and today they gleamed smooth gold. Stone and walnut floors. The walls curve in shades of green.

The windows are enormous and the views, oh the views. We can see all over our city and our sister city. The copper onion domes of the Kora Temple shrine, the sand drip spires of the basilica, the hospital, the river, hotels, office buildings, and the trees beyond.

The Reiki practitioners at the share were beautiful people. We ranged in age from 20 to 70, multicultural, multinational, and multicontinental. Hearts were open wide, energy flowed, and laughter burbled.

I kept thinking, "Look at these wonderful people in this beautiful space. How did I get here? I am so lucky and so grateful." I kept checking in with my guides and ancestors. I tried to ground myself- but the space is so airy, so expansive, I kept floating away.

There were 13 of us. We introduced ourselves and talked about Reiki. We toured the new space, admiring the architecture and views. We discussed the techniques for sending distance Reiki. M offered a blessing. We meditated and did self-Reiki. We went around the circle and said the names of people to whom we wished to send distance Reiki.

We broke into 3 groups and went to the brand new Integrative Medicine rooms and shared Reiki. After feeling chilled I suddenly burned with heat. My hands throbbed with the energy.

We met again and said goodbye. N brought vegies from his garden and we all took some. Where are mine? They didn't make it home with me. Somewhere there are small bags of cherry tomatoes, a hot pepper, and some tart concord grapes.

I feel so lucky. How did I get here?
oh yeah, I remember.....

Friday, September 14, 2012

election ads

I hear you're tired of those election ads.

No TV: haven't seen a single one.

Am sadly lacking in the language and experience of popular culture.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

the land of Oz

Got to play with a $60,000 manikin today. So fun!

Theme: The Wizard of Oz. Nursing students and a patient with right-sided weakness.
Dorothy was the nurse.
Patient's spouse was the Scarecrow.
The Wizard sat behind the curtain and controlled the manikin/patient.
Tin Man and Cowardly Lion were unruly children.

Goal: Dorothy needed to gel in, ID patient, communicate therapeutically with family, and assess patient.
The students demonstrated an unexpected talent for acting and a commitment to compassionate care.
It was a great day. 


Our cancer center is moving.

What once seemed spacious is now cramped and crammed full of wigs, blankets, books, pamphlets, and desks.

The new space is on the 5th floor of an old factory. The ceilings are way up there, the windows are enormous, and the views spectacular. The gold onion domes of the Kora temple shrine: right there! The sandy spires of the basilica, the hospital, the river, and the woods beyond: all laid out in stunning detail. I walked around the exterior of the space, admiring the views. The interior is gorgeous too. Giant disc lights in the main lobby. Stone and walnut floors. Stretches of soothing green walls curve towards offices, kitchens, gardens, and massage rooms. A Reiki room too, of course.

Everywhere you look: interesting textures, sunlight, old brick, and impressive views. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Puffy pinky-gray clouds are sliding rapidly across the sky. They flash with silent lightning. Black holes open up in the clouds, but no stars are visible. The wind is hot and wet.

It's eerily quiet, except for the flapping of my deck canopy. It's being shredded by the wind. There are long rips, hanging threads, and big holes. Every few seconds the wind grabs it and it billows up and down, flaps in and out.

Through the holes in the canopy I look again at the holes in the clouds. No stars, just silent intermittent illumination. The clouds slide in a flat plane below the black bowl of sky. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

just for today

do not anger

I've been thinking about this Reiki principle recently. When I drive down Lisbon St in the afternoon, on my way home from work, other drivers weave in and out between cars, cut me off, and go through red lights. I get angry.

I don't even want to drive on that street because I feel so angry. I would take Sabattus St, but: the construction.

So it's Lisbon St and anger and I'm not supposed to get angry because I'm a highly evolved supremely spiritual Reiki practitioner. heh. I get angry.

Now what? Step back, look at it, and change the pattern. Find the opportunity. OK, how about if I realize that I can't control other drivers. Good start. What if I slow down. Maybe the aggressive driving I see in others is actually a trait of mine that I would like to change. What if I tell myself that if I slow down and chill that I am banking good karma. Ok, yeah, I could try that. Sounds like a bargain and I'm all about the bargain.

Just for today, no- wait- today is too big. Let's try the moment. Just for this moment, I will not anger. I will slow down.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Green beans

are growing faster than I can eat them, almost.

I pick them all week. Weekends I snip and steam a big pot. Maybe add some early carrots. I scoop out the hot vegies and dump them into lunch containers, containers to which I've added, in various combinations: balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, Italian seasoning, hummus, hot peppers, slivers of garlic or ginger, and/or pinches of turmeric. Chill.

Lunch. I add seeds: sesame, chia, flax, and sunflower.

Meanwhile, I planted peas last month. Am waiting to see if I'll get a second crop. And there are armloads of kale out there. 

Monday, September 3, 2012


in my garden yesterday and today. When I first spied it, thought it was a dragonfly. Then it lit onto a lilac branch, still for two minutes. Never before saw one sit that long.

The hummingbird liked the morning glories, hibiscus, and echinacea.

sun coming through the clouds

When you open your heart to Reiki it's like the clouds parting to admit sunshine.

After a cold night and cloudy morning, the sun's rays are warmly welcomed.

he flies through the air

One of my sons told me yesterday about his new favorite sport: kite-sailing, also called kitesurfing and kiteboarding. He holds on to a bar which is attached to a kite. His feet are on a wakeboard, or surfboard. When it's windy, the kite picks him up into the air. He flies.

He told me that he intends to do it this winter, from his snowboard.

And actually, it's not new. He's been interested in this sport for several years, and had beginner equipment. He recently invested in sturdier equipment, and intends to fly higher. With the greatest of ease, oh yeah, he's daring. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Outside I can see my breath. I smell woodsmoke. Someone has a cheery fire going. The dark sky is full of stars, planets, and one blinking airplane. I sit on the deck as Fluffy snuffles around the back yard. She's going to be awhile, so I step back inside.

Change in the weather. I unplug the air conditioners. I think about switching from dehumidifiers, fans, and air conditioners to heat. I check the oil tank, 3/4 full. I remind myself of the process for filling the tank - - and the cost: potentially $1200.

I go back out to check on Fluff. I'm wearing a wool sweater over my nightgown, and socks. Haven't worn socks and sweaters for 3 months, so they feel strange, but warm and comforting. Winter in Maine is six months long: summer exquisitely short. Fluff comes huffing up the steps. I take one more breath of the cold woodsmoke and head inside.

best compliment

Perhaps a compliment from an adult child is the best kind. Why isn't there a word for "adult child?" It sounds so funny to call one's offspring a child, when they could be any age from 20 to 80. Mine are in their 20s.

I talked to my son today. He told me about a troubled friend. This son is sensitive, compassionate, and kind. Well, they both are. Anyway, this son has many troubled friends, and tries to help them.

I said to him, "You are so kind."

He said, "I learned that from you and Dad."

Saturday, September 1, 2012

garden vegetables

are the best food. Just plain, just fresh from the garden. Garden tomatoes don't taste like store tomatoes. Garden tomatoes taste like... a multiplicity of deliciousness. Same with cucumbers. Cut them up, mix together, and add maybe a little salt. Maybe a little good vinegar, that's all.

Corn fresh from the garden. Green beans. It's like you never tasted this stuff before. We eat store food all winter. Summer, ahhh. Real food.

New recipe: sauteed kale with garlic, walnuts, pasta, and parmesan cheese.

I tried to give up parmesan. *sigh* Did cut way back.

Anyway, garden vegies. Yum.

Sometime I'll write about fresh spring water v chlorinated city tap water. 

bald eagle

saw one today. It was soaring over some tall pines. I wondered first if it were a seagull, the wingspan. It came closer and I saw the dark wings, white head, and white tail. Bald eagle.

Friday, August 31, 2012


and dreaming of Hawaii.

The Bishop Museum, plate lunch, and Punchbowl. 

Blue Moon

2cd full moon in a month. Blue Moon. Maybe you'll get out there and enjoy the nocturnal reflection of sunlight.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

so I dreamt....

that I was working with a healer. We went to people's homes to work with children with cancer. We put our hands on them. It was good work. 

weather is changing

It's been hot and humid for 2 months. I've had to run the AC every night, and I don't care for that sound. Don't like to use that electricity.

Last night was cool and dry. I put a fan in the window and blew air in. I awoke at 3 am cold. Cold! I tried a t-shirt and socks. Still cold. Had to jump up to grab a wool blanket off a high shelf. Tossed it on top of my down comforter. Ahhh.... bliss. Warm blankets in a cold room. Good weather to sleep, perchance to dream.


Oh my. The peaceful, blissful days of summer have passed. I remember those days of yoga, Reiki, garden, sun, and water. I remember fun times with family and friends.

I'm a teacher. It's that time; I'm back at school. I'm overwhelmed with work and To Do lists. Thank goodness I was able to unravel and recharge. I foresee 60 hour work weeks, crises, and interpersonal conflicts: many challenges. Thank goodness I know how to stop. Breathe. Assume an asana. Do self-Reiki. Then get back to work. Thank goodness I love my job. Love my coworkers, bosses, and students. I love to help my students grow into being the awesomest caregiver they can be. I love to talk teaching methods with coworkers, and love to create learning systems.

Right now, I love to sit on my deck. There's a cool dry breeze. The garden is full of color: overall greens with a border of bright yellow. Touches of white and pink. Morning glory vines are twining up an unused lawn chair. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


It's over.

Really over. I'm a teacher. I work 50-60 hours/week during the school year- championing my students, supporting, imparting, and cheering for my students.

I have summers off. Wait, off? Well, except for my 3 part-time summer jobs. Other than that, off. More flexible, anyway. I spent a lot of time at the beach, in the garden, and at yoga class.

It was so hard to get out of the water today. So hard to pack up and leave the sun. The breezes, blue sky, and loons. Novels and magazines. Goodbye sun, goodbye sand, perfect water, freedom, and relaxation.

Everything changes. We must move on. I came home, picked cleaned and cooked green beans. I packed them in five tupperwares, with vinegar and salsa or hummus. Enough for lunch all week.

Goodbye sun. Hello students. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

ethereal message

I was cooking and cleaning this evening. Hey, don't act so surprised. Anyway, was cooking pasta with kale, doing dishes, turning on fans and computers, writing grocery lists and to do lists, patting Fluffy, and emptying the dehumidifier.

Suddenly I noticed a perfumey smell. "Hello? A spirit? Who are you?" It was a new scent. I wondered who it could be, and what they were trying to tell me. "Yes? What is it?"I stopped and checked in with my guides and angel. I tapped into the cosmos.

Nothing. hmmm. Oh well, stir the kale, pat the dog, give her a cheese biscuit (made in Canada, not China), straighten the rug, swipe a couple of dishes, pick an onionskin off the floor. Wait a minute, that smell.

Oh, it's the new dish soap. Not a message from beyond. Not the first time.


I think I read this in Oprah magazine. I've been catching up on a year's worth. I sit at the beach and plop a big glossy on my lap, frequently distracted by seagulls and clouds. Occasionally and fortuitously loons.

Step one. Go out to the garden and pick kale. Notice the morning glories twining around the cedar tree. Admire the brown-eyed susans, a procession of bright yellow. Marvel at the neon zinnias. Look at the green beans, *groan* they need to be picked again. Haven't eaten the last batch and gave some to neighbors. Remember to pick kale.

I picked the tops off of four sturdy plants. Three blue and a green. I planted Blue Russian and curly green.

Back inside, get 2 pans going. One for pasta, one for kale. You know how to cook pasta. Do that. The other- splop liberal olive oil into cast iron skillet. Add chopped garlic (3 sections) and walnuts (a handful).

Pour yourself a glass of chardonnay. It's summer, it's hot, and this is going to be arduous.

Wash the kale. Add red pepper flakes to the skillet. You know how I cut kale? With my kitchen scissors: so easy. I cut it in thin strips, right over the sizzling skillet. I add a splash of fresh spring water. Stir.

That cutting was strenuous, you might need another glass of wine. I prefer a fine boxed wine. Boca is good: no BPA in the lining, so they say.

Cook the pasta to al dente. Drain and add to skillet. Might need another splash of water at this point, or what the hey, a splash of chardonnay. Stir. Turn to low and top with freshly grated parmesan cheese. I say freshly grated because I tend to abuse parmesan cheese and if I have to pay $4.00 for a tub of the fresh, I use less. Give me a family-sized can of Kraft's, and well, it's a sad story. Is there a support group out there? My name is Meredith and I abuse parmesan cheese.

Back to the recipe. Yeah, it's good to go. Did you work all day, on a Saturday? School is starting and you realize there's no syllabus for your class? No test bank, no lesson plans, and you haven't read the textbook. So you worked all day? Awww, no beach. Wait, then you came home and mowed the lawn? Didn't eat since breakfast? Oh dear, pour yourself one more glass of wine. Turn on public radio, pat the dog, and chill. Supper can wait. It's there and ready, so easy, so delish.

Friday, August 24, 2012

blog, books, bob dylan

Listening to Bob Dylan, writing blog, trying to sell books. See pics on right? Please click to buy books, if you're in the mood. All profits go towards school expenses for earnest, intelligent, and charming sons. 



My neighbor brought me some garden tomatoes. Delish.

I offered him some kale in return.

"Kale? What's that?" He asked.

"Um. It's a leafy green, full of vitamins, very nutritious. Like cabbage," I explained, ineffectually.

"I'll pass. Here, take these tomatoes! I just had a pop!" he said.

"A pop?" I asked, thinking, I don't think he means popsicles. Pop gun?

"A pop! C & C!"

Oh, some kind of alcohol. No wonder he's so friendly and expansive.

The tomatoes were delicious. I had them for supper.


Saute garlic in olive oil. Add a bunch of kale, chopped finely. Add crumbled red hot peppers and a handful of walnuts. Saute.

Cook pasta: whole wheat linguine, perhaps, to al dente. Strain and add to kale mixture. Saute, add parmesan cheese. Serve with fresh tomato chunks. Yum...

That was supper, except for parm. I'm off the parm. I crave it, think how much better everything would be with parm. *sigh* It was a very good supper. Kale.


Mysterious, mythical, Maine. Large and shy.

Loons are our unofficial state bird (official: chickadee). We count, love, and protect them. The usual reaction when a Mainer hears or sees one: we stop, point, and whisper, "A loon." We drop everything and stare; we acknowledge the beauty and elusiveness of some aspects of life and nature.

Yesterday at my park, the pond, an old man roared up on a motorcycle, a young girl behind him. She called him "Uncle." He ran to the pond, yelling, and dove in. He didn't shout when he was underwater. He spent too much time above water. He yelled and sang. The girl followed slowly. She was wearing clothes, but waded into the pond. He talked to her constantly, referencing a range of popular topics. Kind of amusing.

Loons popped up beside them. Three of them, one a youngster. I held my breath- how wonderful, how magical. So close. I could see a white ring around a neck, a glossy black head, the spotted backs. One had a small fish in it's beak, and offered it to the young loon. Lovely.

The old man yelled at them, "Go away!" He reached down, grabbed sand and stones from the lake bed and threw handsful  at them, "Git out a here! GO AWAY."

The loons dove and bobbed up farther away, dove and were gone.

The man eventually got out and drove off on his motorcycle, wet niece clinging to his back.

good clean

Got my car back today.

Picked it up at noon: $500 under estimate and a day early. I've never seen the car this clean. No dust on the dashboard. All the windows are sheer: in and out. The floor: no more straw, dog hair, or beach sand. Outside, washed. I think they polished the hub caps. It's like a brand new car.

Runs like Joan Benoit.

Car, really a van. I'm back up high, after the Trans Am. Back in sedate blue after mod a la mode maroon.

Riding high in a clean blue sky.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

cable company

And what about that cable company?

I signed up for Internet access two years ago: $20 month. Internet only, no TV, no phone, $20/month. Great. Loved it.

Last year they raised the price by $13/month, up to $33. Got a letter last month saying the price was going up to $44/month. What, up $120/year, every year? No thanks.

I bought a phone with a mobile hot spot. Terminated cable co. account, returned modem: goodbye, cable company. Well, I thought it was goodbye... but they call me on my old phone 15-20 times/ day. The ringer is turned off. I don't answer, I don't respond. I suppose they want me back... *sigh*

So, 15-20 calls /day. Isn't that excessive?

mechanic calls

Don't you hate it when the mechanic calls?

Don't you think the worst? "It's going to cost another thousand dollars, and actually your car is hopeless and you might as well drive it over a cliff. Go buy a new car."

I do. So when I saw the email from the mechanic at 10 last night I panicked. See above.

Not so. I called this morning. More rust, another $75, we can fix, is that OK?

Oh yes, of course it is. After what I imagined?

They're fixing my mom van. Rust on passenger side rocker panel. Who ever heard of a rocker panel? I'm driving a loaner. A Trans Am sports car. Low. Tiny, clean, 144,000 miles. 

"What do you think about?

... as you do Reiki?" a woman asked yesterday, as I shared Reiki at Seniors Plus. There were about 10 of us practitioners and perhaps 40 elders.

S Plus is a gathering of local elders. They meet in a sterile modern building in an industrial complex. They walk or roll in: curious and expectant.

"What do you think about?" I heard a woman ask. She asked the Reiki practitioner who was sharing with her. I heard the practitioner respond.

"Oh, I think about my grocery list, or what I'm having for dinner," she said.

Really? Not me. I let my thoughts drift. If I think about anything, I think about the client's greatest good. I think about the Reiki symbols and Reiki history. I think about Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, and Hawayo Takata. I drift. If I notice a thought, then I release it and direct my thoughts to Reiki. I thank my guides and angel. I strive for the greatest good, I focus on light and love, I tune in to joy.

What do you think about?

S Plus!

Yesterday I shared Reiki at a local gathering of elders: Seniors Plus.

This was a vibrant and challenging group of energetic elders. Jeffrey Hotchkiss gathered 8? 10? of us Reiki practitioners to assist. There were about 40 in the audience. Jeffrey spoke, and we shared Reiki as he talked and answered questions.

I met a famous dance instructor from a local college. I got very hot as I shared energy. Most recipients dismissed it, expecting something more. Still, good. So good to see and spend time with other Reiki practitioners. Good to spread the message of Reiki. 

end of days

I lament the end of summer.

I sleep til 8, 9, or (shocking) 10. I get up, drink a glass of water, and go to yoga. It's downtown.

I park several blocks away from the studio, in a 2-hour spot. I walk past Oak Hill Apts. There are no oaks and no hill. There are usually several residents out front, sitting on benches or in wheelchairs, oxygen tubing and tanks, smoking, laughing, waiting for some excitement like the UPS man.

I walk through a plaza. There's a fountain, flowering plants in cement rectangles, and, across the plaza, interesting architecture. I walk past a wine store, a courthouse, law offices, and an Indian restaurant. I veer towards the street when I walk past the 12 Hour Club, to avoid the reek of old cigarettes and exhaled alcohol. Cross another street and then I see the sign for my yoga class. Up the worn wooden staircase and I'm in. Yoga: anxiety unravels.

We do extreme yoga. Yesterday the teacher knelt on my glutes to pull on my arms. OW! I said.

"That hurts?" she asked. All the other students moaned with pleasure. Of course I'm different.

"Yes! Oww. Your knees are digging in and it hurts." She moved slightly. It hurt slightly less.

"Grab on," she instructed, as she grabbed my wrists. "Now relax." How could I grab while I was relaxing? How could I relax while her skinny knees dug into my gluteal nerves? How could I do anything but yelp with pain as she cranked my back up into an unnatural arch?

Today she told us to strap up. I couldn't manage so she helped. She strapped my chest like a strait jacket. Then we did yoga. If the strap dug in, she told us, we weren't doing it properly. The strap did not dig in, so I guess I'm ok. She did pull on it a couple of times, but I was still OK. It's good to learn proper form.

After yoga I dashed home to change, then went to share Reiki at the cancer center. A new practitioner joined me. We did one session. The client fell asleep.

Then off for a chop. Annual pre-school haircut. I usually hack at it myself. Let the pro do it today.

Then the pond. Oh, the pond. I love the sun. I love to sit in a beach chair and read. I love to swim. I swam for an hour. The water is clean and cold. Loons pop up. Men fish. Mothers call, "Time to get out of the water!"

Home to Fluffy, the garden, home chores, and public radio. Catch up on emails. Up til midnight. ahh. summer. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

teaching Reiki

When I teach Reiki, I try to help you find your own answers. I light the way  for a short while. I try to show you; seems way more effective than telling you. 

solar flares or what?

Mercury retrograde? 2012?

All of my electronic devices bit the dust this summer. What's up?

GPS, laptop, desktop, cell phone, internet access: all of them. Either quit working, major malfunction, or major problem. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Tomorrow is Reiki with Jeffrey Hotchkiss and Laurence Miller. Both are Reiki master/teacher/practitioners. Both are studious, thoughtful, and generous.

We are meeting at a local senior center. Mr Hotchkiss, of EldersBloom, will speak first, and then we will demonstrate Reiki. I hope everyone in the audience will want to try it. Reiki is amazing.

What is it again? It's a gentle, hands-on healing method developed by Mikao Usui around 1920. Practitioner and client come together for a brief session, both relax: energy flows. Everyone feels better. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

the pond

Reminds me of skiing: end of season the skiers departed, tho conditions were still great.

I go to the pond at the end of the day, at the end of the season. I have the beach to myself. Way down there, a big family. They laugh and splash. He steals a towel, she runs after him: laughing and slapping. He could be 14,  her prob 10. They all take turns with several kayaks. Over on the other side of me a couple of teen girls in bikinis, and way over a grandfather and small boy, in front of the lifeguard stand.

Seagulls on either side of me. Lots of them. White ones, spotted browns. They preen, drink, and swim; but mostly they stand and look around. Sometimes they squawk and flap.

I see loons, black heads and graceful necks. They float, dive, bob, and pop.

I like the arc of the beach, the line of dark pines, the blue sky and clean water. I like to look at shapes in the clouds. I read a Hawaiian murder mystery. I get hot and wade into the water. I dive in, like a loon. The water is cold and clear.

Conditions are great. 

Friday, August 17, 2012


Already feel unsettled.

In some ways, I live out of my car. Monday I drop it off at the body shop for extensive and expensive repairs. Must rethink my life. What do I need from my car?

Well, obviously the GPS, extra flip flops, dog leash, books (Reiki Nurse & Reiki Stories- I keep copies in my car for stray fans); what else... work name badge, swimsuit and beach chair.

The loaner. Will it have AC? Will it be an embarrassing and offensive maroon rust bucket or a white Lexus SUV?

Ok, just for today: don't worry. Working on that. 


Swam in the local pond today.

Beach nearly deserted, hardly anyone there. On South Beach, just a dozen people. Just the way I like it.

I finished The Alchemist, found it insipid and uninspiring. Read Oprah magazine, I'm up to February 2012. The magazines pile up during the school year and I read them at the beach.

So I swam. The water was cold and smooth, the bottom sandy. Loons popped up to my left, about 20 feet away. I could see the white dots on the black feathers. Wished I had my glasses on. They looked at me, three of them. They dove, and I noted the splay of black tail feathers. I hung out in the water.

They popped up in front of me. We looked at each other. They dove, then popped up to my right. For about 20 minutes I swam with the loons. I swam gently. They popped up beside me. I looked at the people on the beach. They were all busy loading kayaks, adjusting suit straps, or changing position on their towels. No one  was looking at the loons. There they were again, to my left. Three of them. Loons.

Finally they popped up far away, back in the deep, headed to the far side of the pond. Goodbye, loons. I packed up. Goodbye pond, goodbye summer. 

note to self:

stop staying up til 1 am.

Stop spending days at yoga class and beach. Stop wandering around the garden: weeding, harvesting, and nibbling. Stop reading and dreaming at the beach.

Going back to work in 10 days. eek. Regular 9 to 5, wait, 8-4:30. So get thee to bed at decent hour. 8, or 7- and get up at 5 and jog 4 miles and do housework before work. Ok, just get up at 7, hose off, and haul your carcass to work, OK?

Thursday, August 16, 2012


In October? It's possible.

Must defend research, but hate to fly. Details to follow.


We discussed gender issues at the Reiki share tonight.

I kept thinking about a Reiki class this week, camp nursing, and past lives.

Reiki class. One woman walked in and said, "Hi. I'm M, K's partner." So, of course, I thought she and K were life-partners. cool. M had a lovely daughter. Congratulated K on lovely daughter. Oh wait, M & K are business partners. oops, what-ev.

Camp nursing. Young people these days experiment, taste, try, search, change, grow. Gender is fluid. Conventional labels do not fit. Chuck labels. Gender is fluid: toss label.

Past lives. I remember, vividly, past lives as male. Currently female. Divisions dissolve. I am both. We are all both, or genderless as souls.

What diff? Why the propensity to distinguish, separate, label, identify... it's fluid. We are all souls striving to become light, to connect, to become One.

Why perpetuate duality? We are one. 

Reiki principles

The more I learn about and practice Reiki, the more I read and listen, the more I focus on the principles.

They seem to me to be the essence of Reiki.

They are excellent guiding stars for life. Superb ethical foundation. Similar to directives of individual religions, global morality, and the basis for communal harmony.

You forgot them? Never heard of them? omg Here they are.

Just for today, do not anger.
Do not worry.
Honor your parents, teacher, and elders. Express gratitude.
Earn your living honestly, in a way that benefits others.
Be kind to all living beings.

There. What else is there?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I keep forgetting to feed them.

Scroll down... see them there, at the bottom?

Yeah, please feed them. I keep forgetting. Oh, the guilt. Thank goodness they're virtual.


has been my survival mechanism this summer.

As usual, I'm way too busy. A workaholic. Three summer jobs. I was a camp nurse, am teaching a class at the U, and Reiki Reiki Reiki. Reiki classes, shares, team, reports, and volunteering.

So, yoga. Finally back to yoga after none the whole school year.

I'd resisted, but spent the money and joined a local studio: Chill Yoga. I paid a little over $100 and can drop in whenever I want for like 12 classes.

The studio is fresh and clean. New copper pipes line the ceiling. I look at the ceiling a lot. The walls are crisp white, the floor hardwood, newly redone. The teacher constantly gives guidance, she connects with people, and she knows muscles. When she drinks coffee she talks even more, and giggles.

One day in class I felt my ribs unwind. I saw my bones unravel. I relaxed.

Yoga too at camp with Arvind from India. He teaches yoga in India and Maine. Arvind the yogi.

I do asanas in the pond where I swim on hot days. Yoga. Just breathe. Rest. relax...

Life Ideals

Lewiston, Maine.
A collective of warm and wonderful practitioners & healers.
Check it out. 


Reiki class this evening was wonderful.

Life Ideals. So glad to make it there. It's a gorgeous space on the third floor of an old building smack in downtown Lewiston, Maine.

Found a parking spot, lugged my handouts and books up the stairs, I like to run up stairs- great aerobic exercise, and landed there. High ceilings and windows, wood floors, and antique furniture. Lovely.

I set up my books and shuffled through my handouts. People arrived. We talked about Reiki history and ethics. I told some stories. We meditated and did self-Reiki. They were already in pairs, so they shared Reiki with each other. I attuned all who wanted to be attuned. More Reiki light in our world tonight.

There was another Reiki master there. She had nice energy, so I asked her if she would re-attune me. She would; she did. I sat in Gassho, expectant. She stood behind me and I instantly felt her energy. It was sweet and thick; covered me in waves like honey. She attuned me. I attuned the others. I gave each person a sodalite chip and a certificate. I love teaching Reiki.

When I think about my summer, my life... I feel so lucky. I get to share Reiki, it's sunny, my garden is exploding with color and life, and my dog is happy. Did I mention Reiki? yeah. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

My garden is a labyrinth of surprises.

First the sun-bleached deck, bare and uneven. Beyond, a sea of brilliant yellow brown-eyed daisies. A scattering of white hibiscus, like sheep's wool stuck on a thorny barrier. Red bee balm. Pink and white echinacea. The eye wanders to the summerhouse.  Morning glory vines twirl up the oak lattice: blossoms of hot pink and neon blue with white centers and dark accents.

Go past the summerhouse to the vegetable gardens. Pumpkin vines command the lawn. Kale is regal. Green beans proliferate madly. A red lettuce stands six feet tall, offering seeds.Raspberry bushes threaten to take over the neighborhood.

Then the dark grey fence. But look, all the flowers in front of the fence. More brown-eyed daisies, more morning glories, a row of cedar trees, sunflowers, raspberries, and a new pussy willow tree. I didn't mean to leave out the row of Japanese maples. A pleasure for the eye.

of a feather

After grading papers for 4 hours on Friday, 8 hours on Saturday, 12 hours on Sunday, and 4 hours today: I was ready for a break.

I mowed my front lawn. It was 90 and humid. I live in Maine, so this is hot hot hot. I jumped in my car and went to the pond.

Lawn chair, magazines, and deserted beach = bliss. Ok, the lawn chair is coming undone and half my posterior sags like a woman's face after a stroke. The magazine is the Christmas issue; I'm catching up.  No time to read during the school year. Christmas. Reminds me of the annoying commercialism and cloying temporary good cheer of December. Deserted beach is bliss.

I read, swim, and do Reiki & asanas on the beach. Loons start to call frantically. End of season party? Graduation or wedding? They continue to ululate.

A man says, (OK, the beach is nearly, not totally deserted) "There's an eagle! There's a bald eagle over by the loons. That's why they're calling."

I sit up and put on my distance glasses. The sun feels good on my skin. My suit is drying. I look over at the tall maples and pines. I can see three loons on the water and possibly an alien shape in the trees. Oh yes, it flaps. The loons continue to call. The big shape flaps away. Crisis averted, I go back into the water.

Friday, August 10, 2012

motor vehicle maintenance

Called car mechanic for appointment; car is due for annual inspection. Mechanic is awesome: honest, hardworking, and cool - - retired race car driver. I reminded him about warning lights on dashboard.

"It won't pass inspection with those on," he told me. "You have to take it to the dealer for that."

Went to the dealer. Four guys were standing around. Well, they happened to have an opening, yes, they could take care of my car right now. Two hundred dollars later the lights are off, but they found rust.

Called car mechanic; asked about rust.

"It won't pass inspection with rust," he told me. "You have to take it to a body shop for that." He recommended a local shop.

Went to the auto body shop. They can work on it in 10 days, loan me a loaner, and it's going to cost about $1000. They do inspections. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Old Orchard Beach-2

We hear French everywhere we go. There are lots of French Canadians here, Quebecois mostly. I love hearing the cadence and syllables of the language.

I can speak a tiny bit of French, but I don't even try to understand as I eavesdrop. I listen to the sound and rhythm.

Here at the motel, the men grill, the women sit in the jacuzzi, and the children run around in swimsuits. There are big family groups here. They get up early and head to the beach, come back to the pool in the late afternoon, and stay up late eating steak and drinking beer. Laughing. All the time, talk talk talk in French. It's comforting. Happy sounds, no clue what they are saying. Just happy vacation sounds. 

knee Reiki

Got to share some Reiki here on our beachy vacation.

My cousin's knee is sore, torn meniscus. I gave her some Reiki this morning. I hope it helps. 

Old Orchard Beach

Vacationing at the beach.

We had perfect beach days: hot and sunny with 3 foot waves. We jumped and twirled in the waves, Amelia and I. We made up a song and sang it over and over, with synchronized dance moves and salty somersaults. We scoffed at the smaller waves and screamed "pineapple" at the larger ones.

Why "pineapple?" you ask.
 "You shouldn't scream 'Help!' unless you really mean it," I told Amelia. So we screamed "pineapple!" and "avocado!"

Amelia and I went shopping. I bought her a High School Musical boogie board and a supercute top. She bought herself some feather earrings. She had her ears pierced last year, on her 8th birthday. She wanted a slushy for breakfast. "Maybe tomorrow," I said.

There are lots of Eastern Europeans working in the shops. I recognize the accent from staff at my teen camp.   They come here to work because the exchange rate is good. They work hard and are able to work longer into the summer season, as their universities start later in September.

The young lady at the boogie board shop told us she was from Bulgaria. "Do you go to college?" I asked.

"University, yes. I study International Marketing."

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Reiki class at the University has been wonderful.

The class is comprised of 17 nurses and nursing students. We talked about history, communication, ethics, and intuition. We shared Reiki with each other, and took field trips to two oncology centers and a hospital. They spoke with people with cancer who found relief with Reiki. Some students did presentations. They analyzed Reiki research and wrote reflective journals.

We did attunements outside. There's a pond in a sculpture garden, with long views of fields and trees. Trees shaded some sitting rocks at the edge of the pond. We gathered there. Sunlight and lily pads spotted the water. Turtles did the dead man's float, then dove, then bobbed up again. Koi made orange, black, and white patterns as they floated and darted. Dragonflies zipped above the lily pads. We sat in the quiet.

The attunements yesterday were a select group of three master students. They demonstrated excellence in knowledge, skill, and experience and wrote an extra paper. They studied the master symbols and the attunement process. I quizzed them and we discussed a few issues in greater depth: ethics, energy, and intuition.

I attuned them to Level 3, master/teacher/practitioner. Then each of them attuned another, helping each other to remember the steps. Three more Reiki masters in our world. Reiki light is shining brighter today.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

good vibrations

Went to an awesome workshop this evening: vibration and healing.

First T walked us thru some asanas and breathing exercises: yoga.

I did a short meditation on energy fields: how big is it, what color?  Is it glitter, bubbles, lightning bolts, or sparklers?  Make it as big as the room, now as big as the city. I got the idea for this meditation in yoga class this morning.

But the best part, oh the fantastic superduper part? That was MM and his sounds. Thirty years ago, MM was a construction worker; he fell from a faulty scaffolding and was badly hurt.   He had an out-of-body experience on the operating table. Ever since, he's been able to heal with his hands. Birds come to him, dogs, cats, & horses. People. He's so humble, his wife had to introduce him.

He brought a full set of crystal bowls: one for each chakra, gongs, bells, chimes, and CDs. He had 2 CD players going as he played his instruments.

I turned so my heart chakra got the full blast of sound. I meditated and went deep. He played for 40 minutes, but it went by in a flash. It felt like my whole body was cleared of.... stuff. I felt pure.

Gradually I noticed the sounds had stopped. Had they? Yes. Someone said, "That was great!"

Dreamily I thought, "Wow. She can speak." My eyes were still closed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

combing out lice

Ever done that? I have. 

It's not short hair, greasy hair, or kinky braids. No, usually it's fine blond hair down to the waist. Tiny bugs stroll the scalp. Nits nestle in the roots. 

We apply poison and comb. Comb, comb, comb. It's a tedious process, can take hours. We instruct as we comb. 

"Don't share combs, hats, scrunchies, helmets, or any type of hair apparatus." 

We also assess. "What's your favorite music? Hobbies? Sisters & brothers?" You learn so much when they talk. 

Meanwhile bedding is stripped, stuffed animals too; washed in hot water, dried, returned. 

Recheck. Fingers crossed no nits. Algorithm: nits: redo whole process; no nits, recheck in 3 days.