Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the necklace

Ok, the necklace I'm wearing. It has lots of little orange beads and a silver bear. There is one white bead, I think that is White Buffalo Woman.

I inherited this necklace from my Great-Auntie Alice. Alice was a nurse in WW2. She grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota. As an adult she lived in Manhattan; she retired to New Mexico. She was a way cool nurse. When she died her twin daughters sent me this necklace.

Kathi Young, my psychic friend and reiki practitioner met me for coffee last week. She said,
"Hey, guess who came to visit me this morning? Your grandma! Want to know what she said?"

"Well, yeah!"

"She said you have a necklace. It's tied to someone's energy, really good energy. There's something about an animal. You need to wear this necklace more often. You haven't been wearing it enough."

So that's the necklace. I'm going to teach a reiki class this weekend, and I'll wear the necklace. I'll think of Great-Auntie Alice and Grandma Flint when I wear it.