Saturday, August 14, 2021

Lovely Reiki Session

 Experienced the gift of a lovely Reiki session last week. I had acute dental pain and was in an emotional transition. It was hot outside, a summer day in Maine. Cool in the Reiki room and toasty warm on Martha's heated table. I relaxed. 

She began at my head, of course. Her hands were hot. I felt the heat, as though her hands remained, when she changed positions. I saw visions. I transformed into a flying eagle, a snake, and I can't remember, a lamb? I became the eagle and flew through the sky. I could see a river and wooded hills. I became a snake and slithered through the grass. The visions and sensations were vivid. I became a lamb, except I think it was some other mammal. Should have written this last week. Then the eagle spied and snatched the snake, food for hungry eaglets. 

At the end of the session, I drew a tarot card. It was the 10 of Cups, tilted left. I saw women, rain for the fields, and vessels. It seemed like a message of hope. I read in the accompanying booklet that I should notice the love that is all around me.

Thank you, Reiki Master and Sister Shihan, Martha! 

Feeling stressed, in pain, overwhelmed? Please sign up for a session with a local Reiki practitioner. Notice the love around you. Heal yourself.