Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016


global health care

Let's just skip national health care and go for global health care. Free health care for everyone on Earth.

Oh, you ask, how will we pay for this?

Redistribute wealth. Potlatch. Make peace, not war.

PS: free global education too

Reiki on ~

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

shared Reiki today

One person asked: "Will you see into my black heart?" I laughed, said, "You don't have a black heart! I believe we're all divine sparks of light. Here on Earth to do ghastly things and kind things and learn, and be better. And be more light."

peace love Reiki

breathe... be Reiki

open your heart to Reiki

timeline of a cold

Day 0. Actually two weeks. Five co-workers have colds. They drop by my office to chat, for varying lengths of time,  2 to 20 minutes,  interfacing with my office environment. When they leave I swipe surfaces with Chlorox wipes and self-Reiki.

Day 1. The suspicion of a symptom. No, probably overreacting. Yes, symptoms increase noticeably each hour. A slight headache, several sneezes, touch of a sore throat, general malaise. Regard still sick co-workers with annoyance. Have holiday plans, maybe will wake up and be totally fine. Self-Reiki.

Day 2. First day of 3-day holiday weekend, have many fun plans with family & friends. Symptoms peak, feel miserable, cancel plans, curse co-workers. Moan and whine.

Day 3. Slightly better? Feel pretty much ok if I rest on the couch. Gorgeous perfect weather outside, almost criminal to be inside, I think wearily, when I venture out for a few minutes. Spend the day on the couch with a box of tissues. Red nose runs like a hose. Many sneezes. Body aches. Then nose stuffs up; mouth-breathing. Thinking seems muddled. Ration NSAIDs carefully to avoid overdose. Echinacea tincture qid. Self-Reiki head and sinuses.

Day 4. Last day of holiday weekend. Cough tastes metallic, like blood. NSAIDs, echinacea, tissues. More gorgeous weather, everyone in the world is celebrating, hiking, BBQg, swimming, kayaking. Another day on the couch, mouth-breathing coughing sneezing, cursing co-workers and my own bloody immune system. Self-Reiki.

Day 5. Back to work.