Monday, May 31, 2010


The little girl standing, in the white dress: that's my Grandma.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Postcard from Sacramento. Wandered around a nature preserve on the American River and saw 4 deer, a turkey, a hummingbird, swallows, a black lizard, magpies, and a Golden Eagle. Back at the education center I saw lots of school-kids and I got to hold a Gopher Snake. I saw an ancient grinding stone, with room for several grinders.

I toured the gardens at the Rudolph Steiner College in Fair Oaks. The vegetables are huge and well-tended. The gardens are laid out in tiers on a slope. Ducks wander among the rows, eating bugs I suppose.

Went to a gold-rush town: Sutter Creek. Sat by the pool with siblings. Went to Old Town Sacramento- jazz festival weekend. Ate Thai curry.

Out in the country it's golden prairie and rolling hills with vineyards. There are horses and beef critters, roadside stands with fresh cherries. In the suburbs are stucco houses, yucca plants, and roses.

OK, gotta go do a reiki attunement. More later.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Glass class

This is a picture from the Maine Art Glass Studio in Lisbon. Took a class there today with 4 people from the cancer center; 4 of us are reiki practitioners. The teacher was wonderful. He instructed us to be guided by spirit as we created. We each made a small glass dish.

First we chose a sheet of glass. The first one I picked was blue with black swirls. That piece was too small. Next I chose a black piece, black with blue sparkles. Next I chose a form: a seashell. The dish will cook once, flat, then again in the form.

The teacher cut the sheet of glass into the proper size and shape. Then I sanded the edges and washed the glass with a mild acid solution.

Then the fun part. I decided to make a daikomyo symbol. I could use bits of glass, glass spaghetti, or glass powder. The spaghetti you can hold over a candle to soften, then mold it's shape. The powder you sprinkle and grate onto the sheet of glass. The bits of glass came in all shapes, mostly pointy shards. Then I found a box of tiny iridescent bits. That was it.

I took the tiny bits and made a mosaic of the daikomyo symbol. I used lots of silver, blue, and copper. There are also tiny slivers of pink and purple. I glued all the tiny pieces into place.

So it will go into the kiln for the first firing, over 1000 degrees. The second firing is slighter cooler; that's when it will take the shape of the scallop shell. The teacher said the dishes will be done next week.

After class we went out to dinner at Graziano's, a famous Italian restaurant in Lisbon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a talk

Speaking to a group of doctors next week. What should I tell them about reiki?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Book Sale & Signing
with local author
Meredith Kendall

Reiki Nurse:
My life as a nurse
and how reiki changed it

Windham Summerfest
Windham High School
Saturday June 19, 2010
10 am-6 pm

I'll be a guest at the
Sattva Health & Wellness
and Raindrop Yoga Booth

thank you Reiki Master Sandra Maguire