Saturday, March 30, 2013


Not quite upside down, life is sideways.

Bedroom ceiling is falling down; carpenter came. Pretty sure he'll be back.
Bed got a hole, slowly deflated. Dashed out to get a new one; it smells like plastic.
Can't stand the smell.
Have vacated bedroom. I open the window occasionally - to release the plastic gas.
There's a word I can't spell: occasionally. Thank goodness for spellcheck.
Evidently can't spell spellcheck either.

Been sleeping on futon in living room. Well there's an uncomfortable cot.
Hard, uneven, and lumpy.

Cleared bedroom of all detritus in preparation for team of carpenters.
Therefore items in odd places: statue in kitchen, baskets of trinkets in office, and work laundry in BR closet. Very un-Feng-Shui.

Am adapting to living sideways. 

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