Wednesday, March 20, 2013

nothing and everything

Reiki is everything and nothing.

I do self-Reiki, work, study, meditate, think, reflect, be as healthy as I can be... and then bring my whole self to a Reiki session. It's lots of work, dedication, and persistence. Reiki is my ethical foundation and my connection to spirituality. So it's a lot. Then I bring my whole self and do... nothing.

Reiki is doing nothing.

Well, OK, it's something. I listen, support, reframe positively, advise as a nurse, and establish rapport. Then I place my hands and ... nothing. I clear my mind. I relax, breathe, nothingness. Well OK, I check on the comfort of my client, check my hand placement; then back to nothing.

Reiki is nothingness. And everything.