Friday, March 29, 2013

Kirtan, March 2013

The drum rhythms went down into the foundation of the house, came up through the floor, and entered through my bones. The guitar wrapped around my head and then down around my body like crazy vines. The voices knocked through my sternum and went straight into my heart.

I sat in the back, in the dark, and did asanas. It made sense to do yoga poses, shifting with beat and breath. It got me moving too, so I did more than bob my head. I swayed a little. Once I even raised my arms up over my head and waved them around, welcoming and releasing energy.

Some people danced; some sat perfectly still. Children shook rattles and threw themselves into couches and parents. Drum rhythms circulated around the house and reverberated into the night air, shook the neighborhood, and radiated out to the stars.

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