Saturday, March 21, 2020


As a bedside nurse I lived through the onset and evolution of AIDS. Scary times, lots of memories of those clients. As a bedside nurse, I developed germaphobe habits. I am fine with the social isolation, as a divorced introverted survivor I have lived with that for 15 years. I do find the numbers alarming - the coming deaths. The actual and expected incidence, prevalence, and mortality.

Also alarming, the job and financial losses. I have compassion for those who will suffer. For the ill and their families. Their fear.

I have tons of compassion for my former students who are now living with fear. Fear of transmitting the disease to their families. Fear of contracting the disease. Fear of going to work. Fear of working without proper protection (PPE). I am angry that the federal government is so completely bungling the crisis. Angry at the lack of supplies: PPE, ICU beds, and ventilators. Impatient with the stupid hoarding, denial, and racism.

I remember Dr. Anthony Fauci from the AIDS crisis. He did a wonderful job then and has re-emerged as a leader in the COVID-19 pandemic. Maine CDC and Maine Gov doing a fantastic job managing the crisis. For best info, see WHO, CDC, and NIH.

Best wishes for your optimal health. Connect with spirit. Love your neighbors - from  feet away. Wash your hands. Be well ~ Reiki Nurse