Friday, October 16, 2015


Being Reiki in a big tent all weekend. Forecast: snow.

Just got back from the venue, a park on the river. It's a glorious warm sunny afternoon. Bit breezy, but the tent guys were securing the walls of the tent as I left. The sun shone on the canals and on the bricks of the empty fabric mills.

Athletes were picking up their packets, volunteers were cheering and ringing cowbells, workers were laying electric cables, and attaching propane tanks to heaters. Food trucks were rolling in.

I organized the Reiki/massage tables and our supplies: face shields, paper towels, and hand gel. I figured out the layout for this year, located the nearest porta-potties, and admired the new stone amphitheater. The river reflected the warm fall sun. I took off my coat and walked over to the medical tent. No one there.

I'll be there early tomorrow, sunrise. I'll have hot coffee and watch the runners assemble. I'll be ready.