Wednesday, April 13, 2011

reiki... what is it?

A spiritual practice, a healing modality, energy work, self-care, beams of electricity, meditation, touch-prayer, or universal life force energy. Is it an external accessible force, or an internal relaxation process?

Here I am, doing reiki all these years, sharing reiki energy, teaching reiki, wrote a book about reiki; and I'm still not sure. What is it?

Is it chanelling or meditation? Do beams of electricity shoot out the practitioners' hands?

Not sure what it is or how it works. Not sure what language to use to describe it. It does work, I'm sure of that.

People who share reiki energy see colors and shapes. They feel happy and relaxed. Pain lessens or disappears. Angels and spirit guides appear. We feel throbbing and pulsing and burning and icy cold. Stuff happens. It's amazing and I feel lucky every time I'm able to share reiki energy.

What is it again? I don't know.

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