Friday, April 8, 2011

the green lady

Got my hair cut today. Not so good at commitment and making appointments, I tend to drop in. So I take who I get.

Today I got the green lady. She wore bright green pants, a ruched see-through pale green top unbuttoned to there, gold necklace, and pearly green eyeshadow. Her hair was very blond and she was tan. Just back from Florida she told me. Orlando. And why doesn't she live there, she wondered. The weather. I mean, here we still have snow. There, it was 85 and she went to the beach.

Population density, I said. Can park anywhere.

Yeah, she said. And she's been cutting hair around here for 20 years. Her clientele.

Go down there and get drop-ins like me, I suggested.

She laughed. You're kind of a wash-and-go type of person, aren't you, she observed.

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