Sunday, April 3, 2011

Poland Spring Water

Hey! Had brunch at Cyndi's Dockside in Poland, Maine. Had the famous Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict with sweet potato fries, only 100,000 calories. The restaurant is located on Range Pond. We sat beside the fire, a real fire with real logs. The dining room smelled woodsy and was pleasantly warm on this sunny but cold morning. The fireplace was granite. Cyndi herself came to check on us several times. I had a nice visit with an old friend, another reiki practitioner.

Then, since I was in the area, I went for an adventure. Drove up to the Poland Spring Museum. It's located on top of a hill in Poland. There were snowy fields, woods, beautiful old buildings, museums, a gazebo, and the original spring house.

The place was deserted; Fluffy and I wandered around admiring the views. I could see Mt Washington in New Hampshire beyond the gazebo. I peeked into the spring house and got spooked by a nursey maniquin.

"Sapientia Donum Dei" is the motto of the Ricker family, founders of Poland Spring Water. It means "Wisdom, gift of God." The Rickers built an inn, then a resort. It was a healing place, with the mineral waters and a staff nurse. Now Nestle owns the business and sells the water. Water is pumped from all over Maine now, not just Poland. We do have good water here in Maine.

The wind blew us around a bit, but the sun was great. There are hiking trails up there, maybe we'll go back later this spring.

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