Saturday, April 16, 2011

chronic pain

Awful. I had lower back pain for almost 2 years.

Hard to stand, walk, sit... OK, pretty much everything. Some mornings I rolled out of bed and crawled down the stairs, the pain was that bad.

Tincture of time, gentle movement, ice, fab massage therapist, wonderful chiropractor, rest, muscle relaxants, physical therapy, reiki.... slowly it improved.

I've been writing about it in my new book. Not sure of the title, any suggestions?


  1. Chronic pain can be caused by fibromyalgia.
    My sister suffers from chronic pain for this reason takes prescription drugs
    -Hydrocodone or Oxycodone.
    I read an article by Findrxonline and says that chronic pain can also be caused by cancer.

  2. Yes, pain can occur for many reasons. Thanks for your comments.