Saturday, April 16, 2011

Portland, Maine

Had big fun in Portland today.

Went to a craft fair. An art fair, really.

It was held in an old church, now taken over by artists. Kind of a sketchy neighborhood in Portland. Mixed industrial, retail, low income housing, and busy streets. But there's this undercurrent of coolness: a Vietnamese restaurant, funky coffee shop, and a pottery studio. And this church, taken over by local artists.

The craft fair was here. 
I bought a switchplate with a zebra and splotches of color. I bought some herbal lotions, lip balm,  and echinacea tincture. I bought some hand-dyed fleece. I bought a bib, sewed with vintage fabrics: friends are having a baby. Shhh! Don't tell them I bought this. The crafter said, "I hope they like it. If not, you can use it." 

So what did she mean by that? I'm so old that I must drool when I eat? Or perhaps she blurted out this incredible faux pas and then immediately regretted it? Some kind of inside joke? hmmm.... thinking....

Then Fluff and I walked on DiMillo's wharf. Saw this:

Also saw boats and water. 

Then I went to Micah's restaurant. He made me this:

It was incredibly delicious. 
He has a new recipe. He's into sauces now, and cooks intuitively.
I can't believe this dude, who ate only ramen noodles as a teen, creates these incredibly complex and original recipes now. He cooks for celebrities at the swankiest hotel in Portland, one of the coolest cities in the USA. He loves to cook. He wants to make people happy with his food. Ever read Like Water for Chocolate?

Then I went to the Maine Mall and saw this.

And that was my super fun day in Portland. 

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