Thursday, April 7, 2011

3 for short?

It was sunny after work and my dog likes to go for a ride. I drove over to the campus. I parked, filled my pockets with keys, phone, camera, and plastic bag. I slid her collar over her head and we set out. The bag is in case she poops, as I am a city person now. City people pick up poop.

Girls were running on the track, jumping over sawhorses. We walked past the gym, the hockey rink, and the bobcat sculpture. Guys were playing baseball on the upper field. Last week when we walked by they were shoveling snow off that field. More guys were playing lacrosse on the big field with the fake grass. We walked past the cafeteria, classroom buildings, and dorms down to the pond. We walked around the pond. It's still covered with ice.

Melting snow uncovered squashed beer cans. A girl was sitting on a granite step, playing guitar. There was a blue shirt on the ice. Geese flapped high overhead.

The sun was bright but the wind was cold. We headed back to the car.

Two young women stopped. "Can I pat your dog?" one asked. "She's beautiful. I have a dog back home. I don't miss her so much, if I can pat a dog. I have a Shih-Tzu. The girl was wearing black leggings, white T-shirt, and a gold necklace with pink discs. Her skin was dark and smooth. She and her friend walked on.

Another girl walked up. She looked about 6, and was with her dad. "Can I pat him?" she asked. She wore bright pink pants, a polka dot shirt, and snow boots. Her jacket was open and falling off her shoulder.

"Sure," I replied.

"Palm up! Palm up!" her Dad said in a high fast voice.

She let Fluffy sniff her palm, and then she stroked Fluff's head.

"I have a dog," the little girl told me.

"Oh, what's your dog's name?" I asked politely.

"Pi," she replied. Her father smirked.

It being the campus, I guessed before she clarified.