Saturday, April 2, 2011

new book

New post: new book.

People keep asking for my next book. Someone asked to edit it. The requests and messages have really piled up lately.

Ok ok OK!

I finished it last fall, and did some editing over Christmas break. Now it's April. I'm editing again, and meeting with an editor in 2 weeks.

I waited. I wanted some time to pass between writing and editing. Publishing and selling a book is expensive and a lot of work. Once I send it to be published, I know all that marketing has to be done. So that's held me back. But now, now seems the time to go forward.

It's cold but sunny. Sunshine is streaming in the windows, and reflecting from the snow onto the walls and ceilings. Snow is falling from tree branches and turning to slush on the driveway.

I'm sitting in my porch office, windows all around; lots of light. It's a good day. A good site to write. In the light.