Friday, April 8, 2011

on the radio

Just got home from the radio station, was on for 1  1/2 hours this afternoon. It was Neil's World Music show, and he invited me to come and talk about reiki. So between songs we talked about reiki, yoga, mountain biking, volunteering, world music, writing books, squinty eyes, marine biology, reiki, kayaking, ostomies, the dog named Pi, and reiki. He called me his "Reiki Goddess." He played a song from the 70th  latitude: barking dogs. He played contemporary reggae, bagpipes, African jazz, Hotel Catalano (maybe?), and some Cuban Beatles.

There were a LOT of CDs there. I got lost leaving the studio and wandered past rooms of CDs, all neatly labeled and shelved. There were 3 CD players, 2 microphones, and lots of lights and dials in the studio. I was nervous at first, and talked like a teacher. In the end I barked a little.