Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maine adventure

Found a stream in my basement this morning.

It rained hard last night, and the wind blew fierce.

I have the wet vac, but haven't used it. Poured a little bleach into the stream and mopped it up. Set out on my adventures. First stop: the office for an hour of work. Had papers to grade.

Then I enlisted the assistance of Myrtle, my GPS. We were off to Norway/South Paris: Myrtle, Fluffy, & me. We drove through small towns and bare woods. It seemed like we kept climbing.

Suddenly there was the campus of a private school. Old brick buildings, a track, a modern building, and lawns. It was smack in the middle of frickin' nowhere.  If I were a rich teenager from Massachusetts and my parents brought me here I'd be: NOOOOOOooooooooo! Help! I'm in the middle of frickin' nowhere!!!!

There was a lot of flooding from the storm: ponds in yards and raging streams. I stopped beside a surging stream and took pics. The noise and power were overwhelming.

I found Paris Hill: stunning 360 degree views of mountaintops, including the White Mountains of New Hampshire. There were old mansions. Again, in the middle of frickin' nowhere, this beautiful old settlement.

So much fun exploring.