Saturday, April 2, 2011


Yesterday we had a big wet snowstorm; 10 inches of slushy snow. Today it was 50 degrees and I took the dog for a walk. We walked around the pond on campus, to see what the melting snow revealed. We saw soggy gloves and socks, crunched beer cans, and food wrappers.

I heard a loudspeaker and cheering, so we walked up the hill to see what was going on. Found a lacrosse game. How did they get the field cleared off so fast? 

It was sunny, but there was a cold wind. I wore winter boots, jacket, wool scarf, and gloves. These athletes were running around in short sleeves and bare legs! Spectators were huddled against the wind, shouting at the refs and cheering the players. 

The women wore goggles and mouth guards, which gave them kind of a spooky appearance. They ran around with their sticks in the air, and sometimes fell and rolled on the ground. Sometimes they clicked their sticks together. They whirled the ball through the air and scooped it off the ground. They smacked or bounced it into the goal. Home team won: 12 to 7.

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