Friday, April 29, 2011


Spent the day in Farmington.

Started with a 3 hour committee meeting. Missed my yoga classes.

Went to the vet, where Fluff had a venipuncture, injections, and attention to certain glands which I will not describe.

Mailed a book to my new marketing whiz and baby things to prospective parents. Wish I'd remembered to take the scrap of paper out of the package of baby things. It was a list of esoteric websites dealing with the ascension. Yeah, they're going to wonder why I included that. Sorry!

Took a long walk beside the river: Fluff & me. Thought she could process her stress hormones and feel free. We saw people harvesting fiddleheads.

Do you know fiddleheads? Ever eaten them?

They are a spring delicacy from Maine. Fiddleheads are tiny tender fern shoots. They grow beside the river. It is one type of fern, and I suppose there are many types. Hundreds? Anyway, you steam them til al dente and eat with butter and vinegar. yum.

Fiddleheads are really good in quiche.

Then I had a massage, at a place beside the river. There were giant crystals in the room, turkey feathers, and a fountain. She found all my stress points.

It felt like five minutes, but it was 90. How did that happen? Afterwards I was so relaxed I felt blind, and had to look in the mirror to see if my eyes were still there. They were.

I staggered out, into the sunshine. Saw a softball team from Eastern Maine. (OMG- there's a cardinal and an evening grosbeak on my burning bush.)

Then I came home and moved my 10 raspberry canes. I'd planted them in inappropriate locations. Too wet, too formal... I moved them into a raised bed, and planted peas between the canes.

Now all I have left is 1 1/2 raised beds and LOTS of seeds: carrot, zucchini, pumpkin, green bean, and braised greens. ooops.

Fiddleheads. Never tried them? Oh, you should, you should. Try this: Maine lobster, fiddleheads, and blueberry pie. Yeah, that's a meal.

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