Tuesday, April 12, 2011

barefoot boys and skateboarding girls

Walked the dog on campus. This was the time I was supposed to be having lunch with my friend Karen, but I completely forgot, I'm so sorry! So I was walking the dog, oblivious to my friend waiting and worrying ("You never forget!" she said.), obliviously walking in the sun and the wind.

The ice is out on the pond and some ducks are back. I saw barefoot boys playing soccer on the plastic grass. I saw girls skateboarding and realized it's usually the boys who skateboard. Their legs were skinny, pale, and flawless: flying by. I saw mud spatters on the window of the pottery studio. There were origami cranes on the windowsill. I thought about my sister moving to China, my new nephew in San Diego, my nieces headed to China, a nephew in Australia. Did I think about my friend and having lunch? No. Sorry! If I write appointments in my calendar, then I'm good. This didn't make it to the calendar, and I didn't make it to lunch.

The snow is almost gone from the backyard, just a couple of thin patches near the garage. The grass turned green overnight. Do you think we'll get more snow? 

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