Friday, April 8, 2011


Note to Carey.

Like you taking some moments during a meeting to write a poem, I try to integrate self-care into daily activities. Taking my students to the 3rd floor of the hospital, I encourage them to run up the steps as I do: aerobic exercise. Waiting to get meds from the Pyxis I do a yoga forward bend. I plan and prepare my meals so I have lots of fresh organic fruits & vegies, beans, and grains. I make a phone call and get put on hold? Great! A moment to relax and reflect. Take a deep breath. Do a little self-reiki.

By caring for myself, I'm better able to care for others. As you pointed out: I get to move up Maslow's hierarchy. When I have enough sleep, activity, nutrition, and social interaction then I'm better able to express my compassion for others. I notice I have more physical energy, hope, and mental acuity. Self-care and balance: key to my well-being and yours.

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