Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Reiki class at the University has been wonderful.

The class is comprised of 17 nurses and nursing students. We talked about history, communication, ethics, and intuition. We shared Reiki with each other, and took field trips to two oncology centers and a hospital. They spoke with people with cancer who found relief with Reiki. Some students did presentations. They analyzed Reiki research and wrote reflective journals.

We did attunements outside. There's a pond in a sculpture garden, with long views of fields and trees. Trees shaded some sitting rocks at the edge of the pond. We gathered there. Sunlight and lily pads spotted the water. Turtles did the dead man's float, then dove, then bobbed up again. Koi made orange, black, and white patterns as they floated and darted. Dragonflies zipped above the lily pads. We sat in the quiet.

The attunements yesterday were a select group of three master students. They demonstrated excellence in knowledge, skill, and experience and wrote an extra paper. They studied the master symbols and the attunement process. I quizzed them and we discussed a few issues in greater depth: ethics, energy, and intuition.

I attuned them to Level 3, master/teacher/practitioner. Then each of them attuned another, helping each other to remember the steps. Three more Reiki masters in our world. Reiki light is shining brighter today.