Saturday, August 25, 2012

ethereal message

I was cooking and cleaning this evening. Hey, don't act so surprised. Anyway, was cooking pasta with kale, doing dishes, turning on fans and computers, writing grocery lists and to do lists, patting Fluffy, and emptying the dehumidifier.

Suddenly I noticed a perfumey smell. "Hello? A spirit? Who are you?" It was a new scent. I wondered who it could be, and what they were trying to tell me. "Yes? What is it?"I stopped and checked in with my guides and angel. I tapped into the cosmos.

Nothing. hmmm. Oh well, stir the kale, pat the dog, give her a cheese biscuit (made in Canada, not China), straighten the rug, swipe a couple of dishes, pick an onionskin off the floor. Wait a minute, that smell.

Oh, it's the new dish soap. Not a message from beyond. Not the first time.