Thursday, August 16, 2012


We discussed gender issues at the Reiki share tonight.

I kept thinking about a Reiki class this week, camp nursing, and past lives.

Reiki class. One woman walked in and said, "Hi. I'm M, K's partner." So, of course, I thought she and K were life-partners. cool. M had a lovely daughter. Congratulated K on lovely daughter. Oh wait, M & K are business partners. oops, what-ev.

Camp nursing. Young people these days experiment, taste, try, search, change, grow. Gender is fluid. Conventional labels do not fit. Chuck labels. Gender is fluid: toss label.

Past lives. I remember, vividly, past lives as male. Currently female. Divisions dissolve. I am both. We are all both, or genderless as souls.

What diff? Why the propensity to distinguish, separate, label, identify... it's fluid. We are all souls striving to become light, to connect, to become One.

Why perpetuate duality? We are one.