Wednesday, July 25, 2012

good vibrations

Went to an awesome workshop this evening: vibration and healing.

First T walked us thru some asanas and breathing exercises: yoga.

I did a short meditation on energy fields: how big is it, what color?  Is it glitter, bubbles, lightning bolts, or sparklers?  Make it as big as the room, now as big as the city. I got the idea for this meditation in yoga class this morning.

But the best part, oh the fantastic superduper part? That was MM and his sounds. Thirty years ago, MM was a construction worker; he fell from a faulty scaffolding and was badly hurt.   He had an out-of-body experience on the operating table. Ever since, he's been able to heal with his hands. Birds come to him, dogs, cats, & horses. People. He's so humble, his wife had to introduce him.

He brought a full set of crystal bowls: one for each chakra, gongs, bells, chimes, and CDs. He had 2 CD players going as he played his instruments.

I turned so my heart chakra got the full blast of sound. I meditated and went deep. He played for 40 minutes, but it went by in a flash. It felt like my whole body was cleared of.... stuff. I felt pure.

Gradually I noticed the sounds had stopped. Had they? Yes. Someone said, "That was great!"

Dreamily I thought, "Wow. She can speak." My eyes were still closed.