Monday, July 9, 2012


today on the shore of small pond.

There were three large metal sculptures. Lots of grass. A pond- covered with lily pads and lotus flowers. Lily pad flowers? hmm. Not sure.

"Look at the fish!" someone said.

There they were. Goldfish? Koi? They were big: orange ones and white ones.

Seventeen fine Reiki students sat silently on the grass. We did a short meditation, and my favorite Sufi breathing exercise.

We started the attunements. The students came up in groups of four. They sat on some flat rocks in Gassho. I attuned them to Reiki. I couldn't help  it - I kept  looking at the pond- it was so beautiful. Then I saw a turtle. It floated and bobbed. Another one! Sun lit half the pond, but we were in the shade. Perfect summer sun, temp, and humidity. A beautiful day.

After their attunements, the students found a spot in sun or shade and meditated or did self-Reiki.

As we walked back, one student said, "Did you see the heron? It was there the whole time."