Saturday, March 19, 2011

yoga at the Sadhana Meditation Center

This is a picture of The Castle, site of Sadhana Meditation Center. I took a yoga class here this afternoon, met Sadhana's founder, Mr Ashok Nalamalapu, and ate yummy vegetarian Indian food.

It was my first time using yoga props. We sat on blankets, to slightly elevate and tip us forward. Some people used blocks in some positions. I didn't get to try those, as there weren't enough to go around. We used belts to stretch our legs. There weren't enough of those either, but one woman kindly gave me hers. I accepted it, thinking it was extra, wouldn't have taken it if I'd realized she was going without.

We did sun salutations and Warrior 2. We stretched and rolled. We did some kirtan.

Then out in the lobby I ate some fresh pineapple chunks, a vegie dumpling, and some couscous. I couldn't identify the grain, it wasn't wheat- oh! It could have been quinoa. It was served on tiny tender fresh spinach leaves. I chatted with Mr Nalamalapu, and told him about my yogi Arvind Zanje. I talked with some of the other people in the class also.

Then Fluffy and I went for a walk in the park across the street. The park was in the middle of a campus of old brick buildings. I could see the west end of Portland across the tidal flats.

Some children came running when they saw Fluffy. They surrounded her and patted her. It was a family of 6 children. The older ones were tall and thin, the younger ones plump and grinning. The girls' hair was arranged in tiny braids. They all wore brightly colored clothing and warm boots.

They patted Fluff, rubbed her belly, and scratched her ears. They threw sticks and balls for her. They had a soccer ball so we kicked it to each other as Fluff ran around barking and attacking the ball. She loves to play soccer. The smallest girl asked me plaintively, "Will you be here next time?" I said, "I hope so."

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