Monday, March 21, 2011

just plain reiki... or a mix of modalities?

Should reiki be shared in it's purest form only? Or is it OK to mix with other modalities such as: sound, crystals, angel messages, aromatherapy, shamanism, etc. Are we offering reiki, or are we offering ourselves as practitioners? Reiki in it's simplest form, or our complex messy selves?

I go back and forth on this... for me, I guess it depends on the situation. I tend to stick with plain regular wonderful reiki when it's the recipient's first session, or when I'm in a hospital, or I'm teaching students. Then, if it's friends or family, or pets, in private practice, I work more freely... and am more likely to pull in my other interests. I love sound & crystals. 

As a nurse, I use a variety of modalities to help someone feel better. Same with reiki.

Nurses use voice, tone, medications, positioning, and instruction to help people. Same with reiki. I use my voice, energy, skills, and experience. I strive to be compassionate and calm.

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