Friday, March 25, 2011

Maine's Giant Whoopie Pie

Heard an interview on the radio this morning. DJs interviewed the Issamax baker of the Giant Whoopie Pie. She said it will weight between 750 and 850 pounds. She's started to bake and assemble it. Said she started to put the cream frosting on the bottom portion, then froze it. She's worried that the weight of the top cake will squish out all the cream frosting. She thought freezing would help stabilize the Giant Whoopie.

She said the baking sheet weighs 100 pounds, and she put 200 pounds of batter on it for the top portion. Said there will be about 400 pounds of frosting. Used 200 pounds of eggs for the batter.

Tomorrow the Giant Whoopie will be transported to the Maine Mall for viewing and snacking. 

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