Monday, March 21, 2011

Be confident!

When I ask patients what quality is most important in a nurse, most often they cite "confidence." "Teach your students to be confident," they tell me.

So that's what I tell my students. 

Their confidence must be based on knowledge and inner resources, since they don't have experience. They're learning, doing procedures on live people for the first time. I'm there to make sure they perform properly, and to cheer them on.

Patients are frequently uncomfortable and uneasy. They want their nurse to be calm, confident, capable, and compassionate.

Dalai Lama
When we wish and seek to help others, our attitude is more positive and relationships become easier. We are less afraid and have less anxiety. Otherwise we remain shy and hesitant, and feel the need to take a thousand precautions before we approach people. When our intentions are good, we have greater self-confidence and are stronger. This is how we learn to understand how precious and valuable kindness is. HHDL

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