Monday, March 7, 2011

flood watch

Another adventure in home ownership: spring flooding.

After a long cold snowy winter we had 2 days of rain and temps in the 40s. This morning I checked the basement and found 2 tiny puddles. After work I went down to do laundry and found the floor mostly covered with water. Two big rugs were saturated. I could barely lift them, they were so heavy, but managed to drape them over a table.

I turned on a floor fan and a dehumidifier. An hour later I checked again. The rugs are mostly plastic, and drying. There was still water on the floor. I decided to mop.

Mopped up all the water and dumped it down the basement sink. Filthy water, with bits of insulation. Finished, satisfied, I looked around. More water on the floor. It's still coming in. Hmmm. Need a wet vac.

So I google wet vacs. They range in price from $7,700 for a burnisher/charger. Is that a wet vac? The CleanFreak auto floor scrubbing machine is only $3,283. Is that a wet vac? Ah, this one actually says wet vac and is a relative bargain at $2,900. Free shipping! I keep looking.

Hey! The cheapest one is $19.97 for a handheld model. It looks like a DustBuster. There are many models for less than $100. OK, wet vac. Suck it up.