Saturday, March 26, 2011

Medieval Birthday Party

So wow,
the party was so much fun. There were queens, Druids, assassins, fairies, monks, fortune tellers,  and a butterfly.  Kathi was a queen, dressed in gold and black, a dress she sewed herself.   There was a nearly naked man. He wore a leafy garland on his head and a big fig leaf you know where. Mary was a woodland nymph, or perhaps a spring sprite.

 Each room had a different theme. One room had a giant dragon swooping in from the ceiling and a sword in a stone. It was a real sword, of wood and metal, and Jeff made it. It was sunk into a stone fountain, with colored lights and mist. Another room had stone and golden walls. Another room was the forest, with green glowing lights, garlands, and trees. The butterfly was frequently seen here. 

The birthday man made a beautiful speech about the importance of family and friends. He said that relationships are the threads that make up the tapestry of life. Something like that. It was quite moving.

He requested pie rather than birthday cake. There were apple, blueberry, and cherry pies. I tried them all. Yum. Cherry was the best.