Saturday, March 19, 2011

'Tis the gift to be simple

Reiki. It's so simple. Anyone can learn it, anyone can do it.

It's so simple that some people wonder if it's enough.

Some practitioners want flash, awe & amazement; so they add flimflam. They build rituals around the reiki. They smudge, dance, gesticulate, and wave magic wands. Smoke and mirrors, intended to impress? Developing and selling your personal reiki package? Or tools towards achieving greater understanding? Almost famous, or simply bringing who you are and all you can do to the reiki table?

We question our own motives, and we question others.

OK, I've done many of these things myself. I'm interested in several healing modalities, and I do like to combine them. I've smudged during house blessings. I'm interested in sound healing and crystals. I usually play soothing music during a reiki session. When I'm not in the hospital setting, I like to use tuning forks to clear blockages and crystals to magnify the energy. I have a crystal pendulum to check chakra energy flow. I like to combine techniques. But I question myself. Is it ego? Do I do this to impress?

Hmmm. I don't think so. Usually the recipient's eyes are closed when I use my crystals, so I'm not impressing anyone. I use crystals as tools to help my understanding of the individual's energy and to magnify the healthy energy. The tuning forks, well I attended a workshop on how to use them. Sound, frequency, vibration, and energy seem so connected to me. I'm intrigued by sound healing. I think sound can stimulate healing on a deep level. So I don't think I use sound to impress, inflate my ego, or gain a following.

I'm much more interested in teaching reiki, than I am in building a private practice. I encourage independence in my students. I don't want to charge people for reiki sessions, I want to teach them to do reiki for themselves and others. I like to spread the concept of reiki, of love & light. I like to add sparks to the souls of lightworkers. I see us as candles. I imagine a web of light all over the world, raising consciousness, rising to enlightenment.

I like to teach. I also like to share reiki, one on one: plain direct quiet reiki.

When I do reiki, I like it to be pure and simple. Just reiki. Dayenu. It's enough.