Thursday, March 1, 2012

mining crystals

Thinking about this lately. Someone recently described the fun of blasting open the Earth to mine crystals.

I had a visceral reaction- the cells in my body recoiled - no thought - just feeling. Like Gaia feels? I don't know. I'm trying to figure it out. I welcome your thoughts.

I love stones and crystals. I pick them up in the woods and at the beach. My teacher Angela told me years ago to ask the stone if it wants to come home with me. So I do that. Do it in stores too. I've picked up stones in Sedona, Maine beaches, & Maine woods. I buy stones and crystals. Sometimes from miners, sometimes from New Age stores. I wear stone jewelry and stones are placed all around my house and gardens.

Is it wrong? Should we leave the stones and crystals where they are? Are we ripping them out of the heart of Gaia? I worry about stuff like this.

Fracking is wrong, sure. So what about mining our beloved crystals? Please advise. thank you


  1. Interesting...this thought hit me too about a month ago. I have always loved crystals and like you, they are everywhere around my home and in my office where I do energy work. It has been difficult for me because I am also a purchaser of crystals for a metaphysical book store. Recently I have felt a sadness when I think of them being mined and pulled out of the earth. I am I contributing to the ripping open of our mother? I am sure that the crystals all have a reason for being where they are in the earth and maybe they should never have been tampered with. What I have decided to do is talk to all my crystals and tell them how much I love them and ask them to send energy back to the earth where they once were. I do regular healing and visualization for are mother earth as well. I know that if we make an effort to connect with Gaia and the crystals that have been taken from her, we can do some powerful healing.

  2. So interesting that this thought recently occurred to you too. I like your plan. Thank you for responding. :)