Sunday, February 26, 2012

winter is back

With snow and bitter winds. It was warm last week, and I thought of spring in Illinois, where I lived for 4 years, after living in Minnesota. Spring came in February there, in Illinois.

Tornado alley. That's what they call it. When you live in Minnesota and Illinois you listen to the weather. You keep emergency supplies and you know in which corner of your basement you will cower when the big wind approaches.

My son in Erie, PA, said there is no snow there. "Wait, let me look. None. No snow." My son in Portland, ME, said, "We got a little hail the other day, that's all."

We got 6 inches of heavy wet snow. My scapulae ache from the effort of pushing it around. Like wet laundry. I scooped my driveway at 10 pm, while it was snowing large flakes. In the night, the town snowplow pushed a wall of boulders into my wide driveway. It's wide enough for 3 cars. I scooped and pushed it around, knowing if I left any my neighbors would feel compelled to tidy up after me. I scooped well and was satisfied with my effort. It was clean and good. When I went to the grocery store my neighbor came and tidied up.

Today was sunny with a cold wind. The daffodil shoots are buried again, discouraged, wishing they lived in Illinois.