Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reiki share out in the woods

Went to a Reiki Share this evening. It was held at a private home, a beautiful home, way out in the woods. I say beautiful, and it was like a palace or a magazine house. It was new, clean, and full of art, books, and technology. A palace.

I arrived at sunset, so got to see the display of glass illuminated by the setting sun. Glass, prints, photos, fiber art, stone carvings, baskets, a starburst in the parquet floor, and even a glass chimney. Ever seen a glass chimney? There was a wall of windows, skylights, and twinkling candles everywhere.

We ate vegetable stew with pasta, sourdough bread, and a spicy salad. We talked about Reiki and hospice. Then we climbed up the spiral staircase to the Reiki room. I guess I haven't shared Reiki in a while. I do self-Reiki every day, of course. This was different. I felt my guide, angel, and grandma. I hadn't said hello to them in too long. They were with me tonight. Other spirits too, lots of them. We shared Reiki. I did cave breathing, and felt time slip away. I opened my eyes to check the client and my hand placement. I could see fish in the aquarium down on the first floor, floating up and down like confused balloons.

There was a piece of art, representing the life of a person. In the beginning was an exuberant swirl of energy, next a star or compass- finding one's direction, and then the end: a quiet circle of reflection. It was detailed and precise; it incorporated many natural elements like stones, shells, and shark's teeth from a Saudi desert.

Then it was time to leave. I knew Fluff was lonely; I had to get home. I stepped outside and looked up. So many stars. I've missed the stars, there in the city. I found Orion, and searched for Pleiades. Couldn't leave til I found Pleiades. I looked, my head tipped all the way back, swaying a little, not feeling cold at all, looking through the bare branches: found it! A sense of peace, my home constellation. Pleiades.

Jumped in the car, turned on Myrtle, my GPS, and headed out in the dark. Frost heaves bubbled up in the road, jouncing my ride. I turned on the brights; dimmed again for oncoming traffic. So dark, no landmarks, but Myrtle got me home. Fluff was some glad to see me. I patted her and found another lipoma.

Tomorrow: predictions for 3-5 inches of snow. February in Maine. Reiki share way out in the woods in a Renaissance palace with optimistic people who earn their living honestly, in a way that benefits others. 

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